Musical Monday: The Koyote Edition

Posted by Stephanie on July 29, 2013



I had no idea who this Koyote was, but I kept seeing teaser pictures for their new release “Hollywood” all over the place. The fun pictures kept picking at my attention. I didn’t know what it would sound like but I was actually presently surprise. Doesn’t it suck when you look forward new releases and it turns out to not be great? I could provide a list, but that would probably be in bad taste.

So Koyote is something I’ve seen ….never. It’s a co-ed group! I believe it’s two guys and a girl. The song, video, and dance is just a ton of fun. I actually laughed while watching it. This group is just having a good time and aren’t taking themselves too seriously at all. I hope you guys like it as much as I do!

Koyote, Hollywood

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