Conversations With Cherry & Stephanie: The Eunhyuk Edition

Posted by Stephanie on July 19, 2013


Cherry Cordial: Ooh, I found the cutest video of SUJU in Hawaii, and Eunhyuk is front and center with a big smile on his face.

Stephanie: YAY — ! Eunhyuk. I now watch SUJU videos for him.
Cherry Cordial: Me too. I never had an SUJU bias. I mean I’ve seen Siwon in some stuff, but he never really clicked in a bias way. But I now have my first SUJU bias…
Stephanie: Me too. Although I liked Shindong as it was interesting to see an actual… uh… husky sized guy in an idol group. But now? Eunhyuk all the way! (watched video) That was AWESOME!!!!!I He’s so freaking cute, I love how they end with them just standing there. I want to screenshot every frame.
Cherry Cordial: What I like about this is his big grin that doesn’t go away. He looks like he’s having so much fun doing this.
Stephanie: His smile makes me happy.
Cherry Cordial: Me too! Are we gonna have to trade off days on him too? This is becoming a habit, Stephanie…
Stephanie: That’s what happens when we think so alike… Hrm. I think Eunhyuk is different from having to share Junsu. Junsu? I would make out with. Eunhyuk, I only want to be BFF’s with him, so we can share.
Cherry Cordial: OK, we can all hang out together! And laugh and goof around…
Stephanie: Best. Day. EVER!! Now all my other days are sad in comparison.
Cherry Cordial: Ooh, and Yoon Si Yoon can hang out too!
Stephanie: I love how they seem to be best friends on the show. Okay — lets invite Yoon Si Yoon too. What the heck!
Cherry Cordial: Although, at some point, I might want to drag him off to a corner, just to see if he kisses as good as it looks in dramas… But otherwise, mostly BFF’s hanging out.
Stephanie: Okay, I just had a girl-like giggle there. I repeat. Best. Day. Ever!!!

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