Who’s Looking Interesting? Who Could It Be?

Posted by Stephanie on July 17, 2013


who are you2Is it just me or does it seem like there are only four dramas coming out for the rest of the year? Every other day there’s teasers and stills for Master’s Sun, Green Scalpel, and Who Are You. The final drama is of course Heirs and it’s endless casting news. (Seriously guys, seriously. How many people are going to be in that freaking drama? I’ve officially lost count.)

Since I updated Master’s Sun and Green Scalpel last week and I find Heir’s casting to be boring–it’s time for a Who Are You update.

And I have to admit–I’m really warming up to this drama mainly due to the super-duper creepy tone to the newest teaser. The fact she’s reaching out to hold the ghostly boyfriends hand but the ‘hero’ thinks she’s looking to touch him?Who are you4

Unlike Master’s Sun with its similar “heroine who sees ghosts” plot, and it’s own trying for creepy trailer, because Who Are You is on a cable network (TvN) I trust them more to take the chance and pull off edgy and creepy tone and plot. We’ve seen it before with this year’s Nine and previously in Joseon X-Files.

So bring on the creepy chills!

One thing I still can’t get behind? The pairing of So Yi Hyun and Taecyeon. She still just looks too old for him. I’m sorry to say this as I’d be a Nuna to most Kdrama heroes myself, but it just seems like such a mismatched pair. It’s not that I’m blaming her–I think she may play this character really well–it’s the Taecyeon part of the pair that gives me pause. He seems too young for her and too young to be a detective. I’m seeing someone older and just a little grizzled. What I’m hoping for? That they don’t end up together. I could totally get behind that and am encouraged by this trailer that it might just happen.
Of course I’m choosing to ignore the first trailer where they clearly kiss. But I had said even then that it didn’t seem to fit with the show–maybe it was a dream sequence!

Yes. I know this is unlikely. Please leave me to my delusions.

So here’s the question. Out of the two “heroine who see’s ghosts and the heroes who don’t believe them” plotline shows are you most looking forward to? Master’s Sun or Who Are You?

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