Musical Monday: The BTS Edition

Posted by Stephanie on July 15, 2013



After 2 girl selections and a Junsu super slow-mo ballad, you’ve gotta give me this Musical Monday choice. It’s not the usual happy-go-lucky Kpop-y fare. BTS which stands for Bulletproof Boyscouts (heh, this just makes me laugh) is a rookie hip hop idol group. Hip hop idol group? What the fudge? And yet here it is, I liked this some from the first few beats.

See what happens B.A.P.? If you won’t put the sort of music you promised in your rookie release, I’m going to have to go out and find someone who will. I love the beat of this music, the sound of their voices, and the swagger of these hip-hop idols.

I also like the movement of the camera in this video. The bouncing jerky movements fit the video. This is the dance version of the MV which I actually prefer over the original–which just looked like it was trying too hard–especially when they were introducing themselves and their fake-o names. Ugh.

Anywhoo–I love this song–and I can’t wait to hear more from them.

BTS, No More Dream

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