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Posted by Stephanie on July 13, 2013


hong sisters2

Where yesterday’s teaser for Good Doctor drove me wild in anticipation, the teaser for Master’s Sun, didn’t quite grab give me the same case of: GOTTA WATCH! GOTTA WATCH RIGHT NOW! WHY ISN’T IT AUGUST ALREADY?? ants in my pants.

It’s not bad. It still looks really good. Come one–So Ji-sub–Gong Hyo-jin? Of course I’m going to watch the drama, teaser or no teaser. While I do like the spooky tone and look of the teaser, I just don’t think they can sustain that for a whole drama. I think it’s going to be a case if bait and switch and that makes me cranky. Especially when you add the Hong Sister esthetic. Where the trailer is cool and spooky, they excel on the light and wacky. See? The two just don’t match. Which would I prefer to watch?

Cool and Spooky of course!

There’s just something about summertime which makes you want to be creeped out. Even more so than Halloween.

Anyway, I will continue to look forward to this drama, howz about you?

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