I’m Teased By The Good Doctor Teaser

Posted by Stephanie on July 12, 2013


good doctor

How excited for Good Doctor (formerly Green Scalpel) am I?Super freaking excited! Seriously guys–I don’t think I’ve been this excited for a show since Flower Boy Next Door. (Shhh…..possibly even more than that one…) I. Can’t. Wait. And this teaser has only multiplied my eagerness by about a billion percent.

Joo Won, looks awesome. The camera work looks awesome. The tone seems awesome.

I know–I should be describing it better–but I can’t, awesome pretty much covers everything I want to say. I’m so happy it looks like we’re not going to get goofy-cute Joo Won, but an actual afflicted character. Crunchy layers! I smell crunchy layers! Yes, the tone and the camera work could just be the trailer. It’s a trailer, whose sole purpose is to lure you in with whatever means necessary. I really hope it continues on with the tone and style outside the first few episodes. That’s one of my ultimate pet-peeves, beginning all cool and arty only to switch over as soon as they get to the live shoots.

Come on August 5th! I’m seriously considering simulcasting this! Who’s with me?

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