An Open Letter

Posted by Stephanie on July 10, 2013


boys over flowers

Dear US Production Company Looking to Import Boys Over Flowers to the US,

While I appreciate you thinking of me, sending me an email with your intentions to attempt to crowd-source funds to bring the Korean Drama Boys Over Flowers to the US, I believe I’m going to regretfully decline. (Even though you didn’t provide a link, which would have enabled me to participate or research further.)

First off, your email smelled slightly like a new version of the Nigerian prince email schemes and I’m too smart to fall for that. Although, if you are trying to scam me, I have to give you props for your creativity and your target marketing.

Secondly, this is a VERY BAD IDEA. Don’t get me wrong. I love Korean Television. I love Boys Over Flowers, it’s good campy fun. I love the idea of getting more publicity to these programs. However, there’s a reason why I don’t watch American TV. I don’t want to see these dramas protracted and stretched over years until they are a bad, bad version of their original selves. Not to mention, I think we Kdrama fans will all agree that, even at 25 episodes, Boys Over Flowers was too long. It lost its narrative structure and became whacked out and crazy. Although, you are American TV, whacked out and crazy is probably what you’re looking for.

I know Boys Over Flowers doesn’t just belong to Kdrama. Japan, Taiwan, and even China have all had their turns with the F4, so you’re probably thinking, why not the US? In my head though, I just see it becoming a worse version of Gossip Girl or 90210. So we’ve been there, done that, don’t really need to do it again. And I have a hard enough time trying to convince my friends that I’m not watching soap operas in Korean. Let’s not add to their ammunition.

Can’t we just spend our time and efforts to just get more people to watch kdrama? I think this would be a much better use of our resources. Yes, people have to read subtitles, but maybe we can promote it as actual reading. Letting TV watchers feel smug to their friends—“I read all the time.” There’s enough variety in Korean Television that there’s going to be something for everyone.

Anyway, I appreciate your idea, but I’m not going to wish you luck, as I really, really don’t want this to happen. (Unless you cast Lee Min Ho and then I will be forced to watch.)

Crazy for Kdrama

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