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Posted by Stephanie on July 2, 2013

Whenever I read the title of this new drama, I’m always taken back to my long ago love of CSI and it’s theme song. But really, that has nothing to do with this post. Just a side note.
New TvN drama coming up! A ghost story. Oooh, is it going to be a scary one? Summertime always makes me think of scary movies. Looking at the photos and the description? And the fact that it’s a kdrama? Probably not. Are there scary kdramas out there? Thrillers, romances, comedies, melodramas? Yep, yep, yep, and yep. Horror? None come to mind.

Who Are you is scheduled to replace Dating Agency: Cyrano at the end of July. It’s starring Taecyeon as a skeptical cop. Lets stop there for a moment. Taecyeon. From 2PM. Idol star. Yeah, he was in Dream High and wasn’t too bad in that, but does he really have leading man acting chops? I’m going to duck my head and say, no. *ducks head* But you know, he is pretty, so I guess there’s that.
The heroine is played by So Yi-hyun. Don’t recognize her name? Well, she’s a weekend drama person. I’ve seen her in Assorted Gems, where she was pretty good, Gloria, where she was pretty good, and Heartstrings, where she was not very good. She’s a….competent actress.whoareyou2
Is it me or does that seem like a mismatched pairing? Not that they aren’t both lovely-pretty people, but isn’t Taecyeon a little young for her? I don’t know, maybe it will work–people said the same thing about Yoon Shi Yoon and Lee Ji Ah in Me Too, Flower! and it worked for me. Maybe this time it will be my turn to be wrong. For the drama, I hope I am.
She’s playing a woman who’s been a coma for  years and wakes up to find out her boyfriend died in the same accident. Now that she’s awake? Uhoh, she can talk to ghosts. And as is the rule of most ghost related storylines, she helps them clear up loose ends so they can cross over. Okay. Not much new there. She joins the police force, becoming partners with Taecyeon, the cop who disbelieves her new powers.
Interesting news, there’s a love triangle. Who’s the B-guy? None other than her dead boyfriend, who’s now a ghost, and his last deed has to do with her. Well, he’s dead. And since I’m guessing he’s not going to come back to life? It’s pretty clear he’s not going to win the girl. Unless they do an unexpected switcheroo and she dies in the end. I read a book that ended that way once.WhoAreYou

Even better though? The ghostly ex-boyfriend is being played by Kim Jae Wook! Waffle Guy from Coffee Prince! Yeah, I know he’s done other things since then, but to me? He’ll always be Waffle Guy. Who Are You is his very first drama since his return to us from his time in the Army.

And just in time–TvN relased a teaser. Um Yeah. Okay. Not much of a teaser, more the main characters having a water fight. Not really sure what this has to do with the show. I don’t see any ghosts. He doesn’t look like a suspicious detective. Hmm….

I know I sound really down on this show. And while I’m not all–wahoo! I do hope it turns out well. The one thing it does have going for it is that it’s on TvN, a cable network, and they make my favorite types of dramas.


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