Musical Monday: The Crayon Pop Edition

Posted by Stephanie on June 29, 2013


crayon popI know what you’re going to say “Gasp! Two girl Musical Monday’s in a row?” I. Know. I’m not usually a huge fan of the girl groups. I’m not a fan of the pout wiggle and a huge fan of the cutesy-cute.

Which is why I’m shocked I love this video so much. I couldn’t stop watching! I think the difference is that with this video is that the cuteness is earnest and not aegyo. The whole thing just makes me smile–and I dare you to try and watch this video without at least a little smile coming to your face.

Is it also weird to say that I like that that they’re covered from head to toe? No, I’m not a prude, it’s just not something you see in girl group kpop, so of course it caught my eye. I think it really goes well with the cuteness of the video. I told you it was weird.

Crayon Pop, Bar, Bar, Bar

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