A Flowerboy Confession

Posted by Stephanie on February 21, 2013



It’s time to come clean. I didn’t make it. After all that build up, after all that anticipation, after watching (and enjoying) 6 episodes, I failed.
What am I talking about?

I’m ashamed to say, I officially stopped watching Flower Boy Neighbor.
I know! I don’t know what happened either. It’s not that there was anything wrong, it’s not that I didn’t like the show, I just sort of…petered out. It happened gradually. First two episodes, no problem. I eagerly awaited their release on DramaFever. The night they came out, I watched them. The next week, I waited and watched both episodes the night the second episode came out. The next week? I put off the viewing of episodes 5-6 until episode 7 came out. See the trend?

After that, I always MEANT to go back to it. After missing one week, I just said, “That’s fine, I’ll catch up next week.” The week after? “That’s okay, I’ll just do a mini marathon!” The week after that? This was when I had to take an honest look at myself and admit–I’m not longer simulcasting.

I came across a bunch of fun photos and realized–they are from episode 14. FOURTEEN! Flower Boy Next Door is officially ending next week. I can’t believe it’s already over. I can’t believe it missed it all.

Granted, I made it 2 more episodes more than my previous simulcasting attempt, Faith. But should I pat my back on that? No. This is just bad form. What is my big block on simulcasting? It’s not like I didn’t grow up on American television, being fed episodes once a week. Two episodes a week is way better (some would say double) the fun of one episode. It’s not like I can’t fit 2 hours of television into my schedule every week. I’m actually really enjoying the doling out of episodes for the Operation: Kdrama Chat. I like having the opportunity to think and talk about the episodes.

And for crying out loud! This show was crawling with eye-candy (the boys not the blogger–but I’m guessing Eye Candy didn’t miss an episode let alone over half the show like I did) so how did this happen? And if it didn’t happen with this show, a show I was so excited for, currently the only show I’m looking forward to this broadcasting year, is it ever going to happen?

Probably not.

Even now, In the back of my mind I say, if I can just watch those episodes before next week, I can finish with the rest of you. But in all honestly, I can’t call that a simulcast, that boat has left the harbor. And if I were really honest, I’d admit I’m not even going to try to catch up.

*hangs head*

On the upside, not this weekend, but next weekend, I’m finally free to watch Kdrama again! Perhaps, it will be the show I marathon that weekend. As, like I said, I have nothing against the show, it was super cute, I laughed a lot, and there was that considerable amount of eye candy.

I’m just disappointed in myself.

Although on the other upside which is actually a downside, there hasn’t been anything else showing or announced so far this year where I’ve been “I HAVE TO WATCH THIS!”
Oh well. To cheer me up. Here are lots of fun picture of the very same eye-candy I’m missing.

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