Flower Boy Smiles

Posted by Stephanie on January 29, 2013


Do you know what the worst day of the week is? A lot of people mistakenly thinks the worst day is Monday. But the real villain of the week? Tuesday. Tuesday is the day when we realize just how much time we have before the weekend. And how much time is that? Too Long.

The one thing that redeems Tuesday? New Episodes of Flower Boy Next Door! Yep, 6 episodes in and I’m still simulcasting. It’s officially a record.

To help us get through the bane that is Tuesday? How about some fun behind the scenes glimpses of Kim Ji Hoon? This also bolsters the idea that this week is chock-o-block filled with Kim Ji Hoon (since every show I’m watching features the yummy-yummy actor). Too bad he was already a Khottie!

So watch and let those Tuesday blues start to melt away.

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