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Posted by Stephanie on December 12, 2012


A conversation with our so called Goddess of Photoshop Jami, who is trying to blackmail me into Christmas Spirit.
Jami: Oh – and I refuse to holiday Photoshop for someone with no Christmas spirit. So if you want action – get with the program
Stephanie: Don’t think of it for me, think of it for all your fans!
Jami: yeah …. no
Stephanie: And does it help that today I’m doing a post for what to get a Kdrama fan for Christmas?
Jami: Nope, no spirit – no Photoshop
Stephanie: What if this is what turned it around for me? Seeing your picture may imbue me with the spirit?
Jami: nope – you have to have at least a *little* spirit first.

Stephanie: My therapist says it’s just fine that I don’t have any Christmas spirit
Jami: it is… for you… but not for me
Stephanie: I didn’t say you couldn’t have any spirit I encourage your spirit. Spirit away!
Jami: But your lack of spirit doesn’t work for me you see
Stephanie: I did eat tacos at home
Jami: *snort* how is that Chrismassy?
Stephanie: It’s something I feel like I should get points for
Jami: well you do get points – but not christmassy points
Stephanie Kurze: harumph. I’m feeling less christmassy by the second
Jami: sucks to be you./…. fa lalalala la la la la
Stephanie: harumph
Jami: dreidel dreidel dreidel…. I even have Hannukah spirit
Stephanie: You’ve forced me to act:

bigbang christmas


Jami: hahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s so much better than anything I could have come up with!

Stephanie: Laugh. I was hoping you might like that
Jami: awe and some, ma’am by the way – I got an email from Ry’s teacher about her concert and – as she’s in Kindergarten – the email subject line read “KHoliday concert” – guess where my mind went?
Stephanie: LAUGH! Mission accomplished.

*Something tells me Jami’s position as official Photoshopper for Crazy For Kdrama is fairly secure*

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