Buzzfeed Loves Kpop?

Posted by Stephanie on December 11, 2012


Or I should say: Buzzfeed loves BigBang, GDragon, and Psy. To which I say woot! Our resident Yoda of Social Media and Goddess of Photoshop, Jami, is always sending me links to things on the website Buzzfeed. Buzzfeed, if you’ve never been there before, is a website made up of lists usually there just to make me laugh.

Well something caught our eye today. Kpop abounds on Buzzfeed this week; so far we’ve found three different lists promoting the pop-y, cracktastic music.

Kpop, it keeps growing and growing and growing…

Gdragon crayon

The first list we’ve got the “23 Best Music Videos of2012” Here we have G-Dragon with “Crayon” at 17 beating out the likes of Lana Del Rey, Grizzly Bear, and Jack White. (And a bunch of other people I don’t know because, big surprise, I mainly listen to Korean music now.) BigBang as a group reaches 13 with “Fantastic Baby”. Psy of course comes in near the top at 3.

Which lead to this post: “12 Amazing K-PopSongs From 2012″

The breakout hit “Gangnam Style” drew a lot of attention to K-Pop this year, but it wasn’t the only awesome song to come out of South Korea. Here are 11 hits you may have missed, and one you probably didn’t.”

Psy 2

On this list there are a lot more songs that if I haven’t heard I’ve at least heard of, unlike the other two lists. We’ve got Sistar “Alone” which was my ring tone for a while, Wonder Girls “Like This”, which was on my much listened to Birthday Playlist. GDragon reaches the list 2 times, once with Once of a Kind which is an awesome video, and Crayon, which is so much fun. On this list, BigBang’s “Fantastic Baby” reached number 2 and of course Psy was number 1. (All three have been Musical Monday’s)

Our final list is 44 wonderful things about Music in2012. Kpop gets 2 spots!

Bigbang psy

Holy shmoly! I do have to agree, thanks to Psy, it seems like the good word of Kpop is spreading. And how thrilled am I that BigBang is so close behind? Since Fantastic Baby is the song which turned me from a BigBang fan to a BigBang SQUEELING SUPER FAN. That video just amazed me.

Here’s hoping Kpop keeps growing!

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