Stop the Presses: Hyun Bin Released From Marines

Posted by Stephanie on December 6, 2012


I admit it. I have Hyun Bin fever. Who can blame me? I’m pretty sure everyone else has been struck by the same ailment. For me though, there’s no reason for it. Here’s my admission.

I’ve never seen anything Hyun Bin has been in.

Gasp! I know. I’ve never seen My Name is Kim SamSoon, I’ve been saving Secret Garden because I’m pretty sure I’m going to love it, and actually, I’m not sure what else he’s been in.

But everyone else has Hyun Bin fever and apparently I caught it from you guys. Thanks.  

So I have to say, Hyun Bin was one of the first Kdrama actors I’ve been actively counting down the days until his release from the army. Which was today! Yesterday we had the teaser of My Flower Boy Neighbor released and today Hyun Bin? This can only mean one thing. We Kdrama fans have absolutely found ourselves on Santa’s ‘nice’ list.

The pictures of him in all his tearyness upon his release, and reading his comments have only made me like him more. I can’t wait until he chooses his next project. With what he said about missing acting so much, I’m crossing my fingers it’s going to be soon. And hopefully a drama.

Yay! Hyun Bin is back

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