My Flower Boy Neighbor Teaser Released, Kfans Swoon

Posted by Stephanie on December 5, 2012


Good Morning!Floewr boy next door
The gods of Kdrama have smiled down upon us. I love starting my day, still cozy under my mound of warm blankets in my bed, scrolling through headlines on my phone. It’s a nice little way to ease into my day. When I saw this, I realized the chances of this day being great had just increased 2 fold. (Laugh. Even awesome Kdrama news won’t change me into a morning person)

Was it last week, we had pictures from the first script read of My Flower Boy Neighbor:FBND

Which was pretty sweet and we got the confirmation that yes, Kim Ji Hoon has indeed, gotten hotter during his time in the army. Also? Yoon Shi Yoon continues to be adorable. But today? TvN released a trailer! It looks awesome! I can’t wait for January 7th! Kim Ji Hoon and Yoon Shi Yoon look so hot! Look at what this news has reduced me too; I can’t stop talking in exclamation marks!

Must. Stop. Now.

Anyway. Does anyone else have the My Flower Boy Neighbor fever?

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