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Posted by Stephanie on November 29, 2012


Don't_Ask_Me_About_the_PastHrm. This show. Hrm. It has a really interesting premise, it starts out pretty well, but as soon as we switch from the episodic nature (the case of the week) and just start following just one case, that’s where they lose me. Well, that and the crappy, crappy ending. Well, to clarify the ending wasn’t too bad if this were American TV and there was going to be a second season. But after I spend 16 hours with a show, I expect an ending. While I may not have understood the ending for Joseon X-Files, at least there was one!

So thinking about it, I guess I liked the show more than I thought if I wanted to see more. Or maybe I’m just nosey. The thing is, I liked the characters, I felt for and was invested in them, and am still bitter that I won’t find out what happens to them.

I know. My bitching makes you totally want to go out and watch this show, right?

So here are the specs:

Don’t Ask Me About the Past (aka Please Don’t Bury the Past) ran for 16 episodes, on OCN, from 5/17/2008-6/8/2008. I don’t have ratings on it, but as it’s a cable network, they have to be pretty low.

Synopsis from Viki:

Kwak Sun Young gets into a car accident and develops this ability of detecting a man’s past from his body odors. She divorces her husband when she finds out about his long history of girlfriends. Sun Young then sets up a business where she helps other women sniff out the truth.

Opening credits.

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