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Posted by Stephanie on October 28, 2012


ryanYou know, because you need to start ’em early! While in Vermont celebrating the birthday of Crazy for Kdrama’s Yoda of social media and Goddess of Photoshop Jami’s Birthday, I got to spend time with my favorite kindergartener, Ryan. Apparently my love of kdrama, kpop and general Korean culture is so apparently, news has spread to the younger set. “That Stephanie sure likes her Korean,” she announced a few visits ago.

Yep, she’s a smart cookie as indeed, Stephanie sure does like her Korean.

This weekend while playing with my phone, Ryan settled in with headphones and gave my collection of Korean music a listen. “This song is in Korean!”

Yes, Ryan. They’re all Korean. You know, except that one. (And don’t ask what that one is, it’s embarrassing.)

So, straight Vermont: Ryan’s Favorite Kpop Playlist.

So, in summation. Ryan does like her OST’s. However, at 5 she’s already a musical theater junkie, so that wasn’t a huge surprise. She loved lots of songs from You’re Beautiful and Me Too, Flower! OST’s. The fact she listened to every Kim Hyun Joong song which came on from start to finish, just tickled me to pieces. The indoctrination has begun! Perhaps there should be a BigBang t-shirt coming her way? How young is too young for Kdrama? 6 right? Yeah, I should probably wait until she’s six.

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