FTIsland Concert Schwag!

Posted by Stephanie on October 17, 2012


I’m officially the owner of awesome Kpop swag which came directly from actual Korea. And I’m pleased as punch.

My friend over on Twitter @KaeKaed very bravely recently came back from SEOUL 2012, her first trip to Korea. It was so much fun reading her posts and looking at her pictures while she was there. Every morning, I’d drag myself out of bed, settle in front of my computer with the cat and some tea, and read all about her previous days adventures. I was kind of sad when she came home!

Anyway, as KaeKaed is a huge FTIsland fan, when she found out that they would actually be having a concert there in Seoul while she was there, she knew she had to go. Who’s so jelly-jelly? I’m so jelly-jelly! I can’t imagine going to a Kpop concert actually in Korea.

I couldn’t find actual video of the concert–I think they’ve been pulled, but here is a clip of it.

Now, I’m also a pretty big FTIsland fan. And a super huge Hongki fan. (I say this as I’m still sporting the Hongki inspired haircut.) So what arrived in the mail for me today? An FTIsland concert ring. SQUEEE!!!!!


If I had a better camera, I’d show you more. But I don’t. So this is it.

THANK YOU SO MUCH KAEKAED! You totally made my day. Now I didn’t go anywhere super fun, but I did see this on twitter today and it made me think of you 🙂

F.T. Island’s leader Jonghoon (apparently there are other people in the band, who knew?)

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