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Posted by Stephanie on October 14, 2012

Top Five

So usually when I’m talking about my favorite Kdramas, I talk my top 3. I don’t know why I never really think about putting together a list with any more than that. It’s just easier to know exactly what my top 3 are, no wiggle room, no second guessing. In the entire time I’ve been doing the blog, My top 3 has only changed once.

Since this is my last Top 5 List of my anniversary week, I wondered if it was a little trite to do my top 5 favorite Kdramas. I did my Top 5 Cracktastick Shows and my Top 5 Most Rewatched Shows which seemed similar. However, looking at my list, neither cracktastic nor rewatched means favorite. And not all my top shows showed up on the other lists. Interesting…(well, to me at least)

We all have shows we like, we all have shows which stick with us for some reason or another, but ab-stastic favorites? That’s a much smaller list. Favorite shows may be good, they may be guilty pleasures, or they may be shows that lots of other people don’t like. But you know what? We don’t care. For some reason, something within this drama has touched us and, well, isn’t that why we watch Kdrama?

Now if you’re a regular reader of the blog you probably know my favorite Kdramas are shows which don’t really rank high on others lists. I’m a sucker for character driven shows. Give me some good characters with crunchy layers and toss in a good romance, I’m in. If people say the show is boring with no plot? Yep, it’s the show for me!
You know how I judge if a show is going to be situating itself as a favorite? When I thought about it, it’s actually pretty easy. In a really good drama, when I’m watching it, if I find myself wanting to watch it all over again, when I haven’t even finished it? Favorite.

My Top 5 Favorite Kdramas

A Gentleman’s Dignity.a gentlemans dignity

This is a hard one. I didn’t think it would be so far up my list. Top 10? Definitely. Top 5? Really? It’s that middle part which brings it down for me. It gets pretty angsty for too long. But I forgave Me Too, Flower! for all it’s wrongdoing didn’t I? This show made me laugh really hard. It also made me cry along with the pain of these characters as well as their triumph. Camera wise, it’s a really pretty drama, I loved the colors and the effects.

These aren’t hugely angsty characters. (Despite what happens to them later.) They don’t have tons of baggage, no prickly outer shells. Usually, I don’t care for it when the hero falls so quickly for the heroine. I like it when my heroines have to struggle a bit for the attention of our hero. But this? He fell hard and fast, but maybe it was because of the humor, or his age, I found his pursuit of her to be charming.a gentleman's dignity 2

Within Kdrama we never really have a lot of friends, but here, that was the major focus of the show. This circle of friends, their history, and their evolving relationships with each other and the women in their lives.

And did I mention it’s funny? And Sexy? And I cry happy tears? Yep, it won’t make the Top 3, but A Gentleman’s Dignity definitely deserves it’s place in my Top 5.


Can You Hear My Heart

can you hear my heart
This the only drama which was been kicked out of my Top 3 spot. For the longest time, there it sat, until I rewatched it for the review. It’s not like I hadn’t rewatched it before, it had just been a while. I don’t know if maybe I was just in a mood that review week or what, but I had some problems with the drama. Or maybe I should say problems with the heroine. Her screechy voice and some of her dumb actions just irritated me. Usually during rewatches I can’t settle in until the first 5-6 episodes are done (which take place 20 years ago). This time, it wasn’t until about episode 12 that I settled down and the heroine stopped screeching, and I started to remember why I LOVED this drama. It is listed in my cracktastick show list, it’s also listed in my favorite couple list and on the Top 5 Piggyback list.

The main couple in this drama are just really well written. Despite the hardships both have gone through during their lives, they both do their best to remain cheerful and upbeat. They both are doing everything they can to keep their families together even if that puts them at cross purposes. I loved every step of their relationship. How through her, the hero finally felt there was nothing truly wrong with him. That there was no reason for him to hide or be ashamed of his deafness.can you hear my heart 6

With Cha Dong Ju’s deafness this was the first drama I had seen with a major character with a disability. It added layers not only to our heroes character but to others around him.

This is another show where I cried buckets. It’s a 30+ episode melodrama, that was probably to be expected.

(My unchanging Top 3)

Me Too, Flower!

me too flower 2
Due to yellow subtitles I almost stopped watching the first episode on this drama. So glad I stuck it out. I adore this show. The characters just touch my heart. Both the hero and the heroine are so damaged. Bong Sun masking her loneliness and hurt under layers of prickly anger. Her depression and therapy was a plot I hadn’t seen before in the land of Kdrama. When Bong Sun scrolled through her phone looking for someone, anyone to talk to and the only person in her life was her therapist? And she called, crying, saying that she hated herself? With the hero looking on, realizing for the first time what was beneath her prickly shell? Yeah, my heart just broke for her.

And the hero wasn’t much better off. Where she hid her issues beneath layers of anger, Jae He protected himself with his smart ass attitude. Putting these two people together was so well done.

The actors were just amazing. Not only are both Lee Ji Ah and Yoon Shi Yoon beautiful people. They just did such a good job. Yes, Yoon Shi Yoon is a little young for the roll, but I don’t really care.

me too flower 3
Is this a perfect drama? Heck no. Even on my first pass I watched this with heavy doses of the FF button. The sideline with the obsessive/possessive business partner? Or actually, anything that took the focus off my main couple? Totally ticked me off. This is one of those shows where I was sad to see it end because I didn’t want to leave the world, and I didn’t want to leave the characters. While it had a rather open ending, for once I don’t really care. It was enough to see these people together, happy, and looking forward with open eyes to whatever may happen in the future.

While Me Too Flower didn’t show up on any top 5 list this week, it has made it into a bunch of previous top 5’s: Favorite Couples, Hottest Kisses, and Best Soundtracks.

Coffee prince 4

Here is a favorite show which is pretty mainstream. I think it will land on a lot of peoples top 5 favorite show lists. And it totally deserves to be. Han Kyul and Eun Chan are probably two of my favorite Kdrama characters. This is one of the few shows out there where you have a true bromance between the hero and heroine. I liked seeing their relationship and characters change throughout the course of the drama.

This is also one of the few shows where I wasn’t just enamored with the main couple. All the coffee princes? So cute and the scenes where the guys were all together? So much fun. The secondary couple was not only very interesting but was also the start of my love for Lee Sun Gyun. Yeah, he was awesome in this show. I think if I made a list of my top B-Guys I would want to date Choi Han Sung would totally be at the top of the list. There was a while there where I was actually rooting that he would win out over Han Kyul. I do love my awesome yet average guys…coffee prince 5

One of my favorite parts of this show is Han Kyuls growing love of Eun Chan. He at first does everything to explain it away, to fight it off, to fight himself. The scene on the beach, where he gets closer and closer under the guise of ‘brotherhood’? Until Eun Chan is asleep and he can no longer fight against his feelings and puts his arm around her? He loves her but thinks she’s a man. Gong Yoo did such a good job portraying his internal struggle. Then when he finally breaks down and goes to her telling her he didn’t care if she were a man or an alien? One of my favorite Kdrama scenes.

Of course her not telling him at that point that she was a woman was just uncool.

This is a really well written show. It has great characters, crunchy layers, and a moving plot. It stumbled a bit once they got together, but the writers were able to get themselves back on track. And the separation and time jump? Usually that drives me crazy, but here, the transition was interesting and I did love seeing where the characters turned up in 2 hours–and seeing Eun Chan all girlied up.



No surprise, Pasta is my number one favorite Kdrama. I love this couple. They are such a perfect with each other. Its only through their journey together that they are able to become better people. Would Chef have succeeded in that position without her there? I don’t think so. He was a brilliant chef but a terrible leader. Not to mention some female chef probably would have come in and killed him during some point in his career.

Pasta has one of the best meet cutes in all of Kdrama. It’s so interesting to start from a place where the characters meet each other, are attracted, agree to go out, and then everything falls apart. Later the usual Kdrama antagonism comes in, but it adds something knowing that they know they already liked each other.

pasta 4
People say that this show has no plot, but it does, it just moves slowly. Did it need to be 20 episodes? Well, no. But I loved the characters so much I didn’t want to leave the world, so it could have just kept going and I would have been happy. I want to see the future that these two people make for themselves. It certainly helps that Lee Sun Gyun and Gong Hyo Jin are great actors and had amazing chemistry.

I remember watching this show for the first time. It was so good and I loved it so much, I was waiting for something to happen to ruin it. I kept chanting “Please stay good. Please stay good.” And luckily it did.

So that’s my Top 5. Looking at the list, now I’m thinking I should have put in Playful Kiss. Maybe in place of either AGD or CYHMY. But it’s written and done, so for now? It’s officially an honorary mention.

What is your favorite Kdrama?

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