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Posted by Stephanie on October 9, 2012

Top Five

Be it a rainy day, or a blue mood, or just a genuine love of drama, we all have shows we go back to again and again. For us these shows may be cozy, heartwarming, or just a pick me up. We don’t necessarily have to rewatch the show from start to finish, we watch favorite parts, favorite scenes, or heck we may even just highlight reel the whole series. I personally also use these dramas when I want to watch Kdrama but don’t have time and don’t want to take the chance to get sucked into a new show. You know, because once a show has me in its clutches, I’m there until the end.

Again, like the list of Cracktastic Kdramas, these may not even be the best shows, they may not even show up on my top 5 or even top 10 list of favorite dramas. But when the urge to rewatch comes upon me, there they are, waiting.


When It’s At Nightwhen it's at night

This is totally my rainy day show. Kim Sun Ah plays the prickly, wounded, straitlaced Heo Cho Hee and Lee Dong Gun plays Kim Bum Song a art restorer with questionable morals. I love seeing Cho Hee losen and learn to relate to the people around her and Bum Song realizing the sort of person she is and turning to her. It gives me a good case of the awww….’s.

I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve seen this show. I usually start at the point where hero stops being such an ass to the heroine. Hm. The interesting thing is that when putting together my list of favorite shows, I never really consider it. I probably should, its well done and I love the main leads.

Stars Falling From The Skystars falling from the sky

With this show I don’t rewatch the entire show I just rewatch the last 5ish episodes. It’s now my go-to background show. I like seeing the person that PalGang has become, taking care of her siblings, understanding herself and wanting to be a better person. Throughout the show we have people judging her, making decisions for her based on their own needs. During these last episodes she stands up and tells everyone around her to back off. And while the whole side plot of the blackmailing fiancée and her murdering family gets in the way, the rest of the show is really great. And yeah, there’s Kim Ji Hoon…..

Assorted Gemsassorted gems

I do watch this show a lot. It’s on the Viki app, so sometimes I’ll put an episode in before I go to bed. I love the main couple in this story, so this is a show I totally highlight reel, skipping a lot of the other plots (and with 50 episodes focusing on a boatload of characters, there are a lot of other plots). With this I also usually stop watching about the time that they get married. I feel like once the show got this couple settled it lost steam and focused its attention elsewhere. Which was a mistake. For my review of Assorted Gems, click here.


As Pasta is my #1 show, it’s no surprise I’ve seen this many times. I love this show, and I’ve actually had to stop watching it to make sure I don’t get bored. A lot of people say that they don’t like Pasta, but *I’m not listening, I’m not listening* Pasta is awesome. I love the main couple in this show.

And nuts. Now I want to rewatch it.

Playful KissPlayful kiss 3

On my own I’ve seen this show a few times (got to get my money’s worth out of that very expensive set of disks), but since it worked so well for me, it’s now my gateway drug, the show I use to attempt to turn my friends into Kdrama fans. It goes something like this:

(setting the trap)
“Hey ___, come on over, I’ll make dinner and I don’t know, maybe we could watch some tv.”

(springing the trap)
“So, what do you want to watch? Hey, what do you know? Look what’s already in the DVD player, let’s give it a try!”.


Honorable mentions? Can You Hear My Heart, God’s Quiz, Me Too, Flower!

What is your most rewatched drama?

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