Musical Monday: Lee Hi

Posted by Stephanie on October 1, 2012


lee hi

I heard this song last night thanks to Eat Your Kimchi. At first I honestly didn’t care for it but then I realized, it was the video I didn’t like. I listened to the song again with the screen minimized and realized, I love this song. Why? It’s the sound of her voice. I love that earthy, deep quality it has. It reminds me of someone in the US market, but I just can’t place who.

Anyway, I officially can’t wait to hear the rest of her songs. Since this is her first one, I hope we hear lots more from her. Her voice, and this song at least, sounds completely non-kpop. I’m usually not a fan of the lady artists, but with Lee Hi, her song isn’t about the glitter and pop, it’s about her voice.

Now for the video. Let’s just say I love her voice. The voice and song just doesn’t match the video. And? It may just be because it’s her first time, but here’s one potential idol I hopedoesn’t go into acting. Not Good.

Lee Hi,

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