V.I.P. V.I.P.?

Posted by Stephanie on September 21, 2012



I am so excited. Writing this the night before BigBang tickets officially go on sale. ACK!! I’M SO EXCITED!

Here’s the thing. I haven’t traveled since 2009, a trip to DC which went horribly wrong. Don’t laugh–I’ve been only to one big concert in my life and a couple of outdoor concerts. This is officially the first time I’ve bought tickets for an event.

If you had asked me a week ago, heck even yesterday, I would have said, “I just want floor seats.” I want to SEE these guys and pretend they can see me too. (I have a very active imagination) However, now floor seats alone aren’t good enough. I want VIP tickets. I really. REALLY. want VIP tickets.

Here’s the thing. Regular floor seats are $200. VIP seats? $300. Before the ‘I want them’ bug hit, I was like “for $300, I should be able to make out with 1-2 members of the band.” I’ve spent the last year and a half getting myself out of debt. Which will coincidentally happen in November. I’m not used to actually spending money on things. Of course then there’s the other hand. My friend Kate, who is joining me on this trip, is NOT a BigBang fan. It’s not that she doesn’t like them, she just doesn’t care. It’s more, she’s coming to see me make a fool out of myself. What ev’s. However, that’s a pretty expensive laugh.

So. Do I care or not? When I told her about the concert and my plans for the weekend, I said, you can come if you want, but I have these caveats

1) I’m buying the best tickets I can afford
2) I’m spending the weekend in NYC
3) I’m going to Korea Town
4) I’m eating Korean Food (we live in a small town where no Korean food or Asian markets live)

Basically I’m taking this whole experience and turning it into a whole Korea-apalooza! So she was welcome to come with me but she had to agree to those conditions. Not only have I not traveled in a long time (which I love), but I’m coming off a really strict budget, and dun….dun…DUN! It’s my birthday. Or the week after my birthday. I want to do this and I want to do this right.

Which now, apparently means VIP tickets.

Anyway. Tickets go on sale tomorrow. Cross your fingers for me!! Think good VIP thoughts–or if not VIP then at least floor seats. Or I’m not going. Seriously. If I have to watch them on a screen, I might as well do it from home.

I’ll update you tomorrow!

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