Happy Birthday, Song Joong Ki!

Posted by Stephanie on September 19, 2012


Nice Guy

Song Joong Ki, why haven’t you been a KHottie yet? You are definitely cute enough. It’s probably because I think I talk about you all the time. Anyway, Happy 27th birthday Song Joong Ki, probably the most adorable Korean man out there. I’d say you were absolutely the most adorable, but there’s still a lot of Kdrama out there I haven’t seen. I want to keep my options open.

27, huh? Guess what? You’re not too young for me. Okay, yeah, you’re still youngish, but this is me, not caring.

You have been having a banner year, with your dramas and films, and I hope it just keeps going. I heard rumors that there is a chance your new drama, Nice Guy, ends with your character becoming a nice guy again. If that’s the case, chances are higher that I’ll check it out.

Anyway. Happy Birthday!

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