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Posted by Stephanie on September 17, 2012


back in the day
First world Kdrama fan problems.

There are times where I complain. There are times where I get caught up in a new drama (granted, that isn’t very often as I’m not that much of a simulcaster) where the new episode just isn’t coming out fast enough.

I can get cranky when we don’t get access to every single drama that comes out in Korea. Who are they to tell me what shows I’m going to be interested in or what shows I can have access too? Seriouly, why isn’t the variety show 4 Sons, 1 Daughter being subbed? It stars WOO BIN. Woo freaking Bin, one of the hottest of the hot right now. It’s a head shaker.

There are times when a certain player won’t work and I want to slam my laptop to the floor in frustration (ahem, I’ve got a bit of a temper.)

I know enough Korean now that I can now get a little bitchy when something isn’t subbed exactly as the actors say them. Unni is an Unni, an oppa is an oppa and an ahjumma is certainly not a Mrs. Kim.

There are times though, mid-rant where I’m reminded of just how easy, we as kdrama fans have it nowadays. So easy.

I was talking with Marion a reader and Kdrama researcher (for realz) who has been a fan for over 10 years. She talked about having to search and hunt for kdramas, many times starting to watch one only to realize there would only be 11 episodes either up or subbed, and then having to hunt down the rest of the story. Could you imagine getting 11 episodes into what you think is a pretty awesome drama only to be cut off in the home stretch?


just one more

As I’m only marching in on 3 years of dramas under my belt, I’ve never really had to experience this. There have only been a handful of dramas that I desperately wanted and couldn’t get–one bad enough to lead me to one of the “Those that shall not be named” sites in order to get it–instantly infecting my computer with malware.

Thinking back at those moments of panic-stricken “OMG what do I do now? thoughts. (I was on a work computer), I again remind myself, yeah, we have it pretty easy.

We now live in a world where we get a lot of episodes dramas within 24-48 hours after they air. Thanks to social media we now have almost instant access to Korean entertainment news. We have multiple disease free companies competing for our legal streaming business. We have more and more concerts and events happening on our shores which allow us to see some of our favorite entertainers in person. We have devices like Roku or Chromecast which allows us to, in a second, be watching dramas on our full screen televisions. Like magic! Lee Seung gi 3

I wonder, if I had to work as hard as some of the original kdrama fans did for their fix, wuld I be as hooked as I am now? Or would the struggle have caused me to give up? I was never a manga fan, I was never an international music fan, and the weirdest movies genre I’d ventured out to was the random Indian or German movie, so I know for a fact that if it weren’t for them getting more popular here and more mainstream venues promoting them, I wouldn’t even know what Kdrama was.

A life without Kdrama is a sad life indeed.

Not to mention all of you. Can you imagine how solitary an endevor it was to be a kdrama fan back in the day? As I, not kidding, have made all of my current friend list through Kdrama or blogging, I’m very thankful for technology bringing us together.

If this is the leaps that the popularity and access of Kdramas have made in the last 5 years, can you imagine what it’s going to be like in the next 5?

So, with all this, I’m going to work harder to remember, that in the scheme of things, my issues, while irritating are just that–irritations. I’m going to try to be thankful that I can watch these amazing dramas, that I can immerse myself in a whole different world and culture, with just the few touches of some buttons.

And I’ll cross my fingers this resolve sticks because I can’t afford to buy a new laptop.

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