Lofty Dreams Meet Harsh Reality

Posted by Stephanie on September 11, 2012


During the two weeks I took off from reviews, I had lofty plans. My life was going to be super busy so by taking off the time for review I was going to squeak in all sorts of things. I had big plans. Plans like, watch a new drama. I could watch a new drama and craft, right? Or rewatch a kdrama I’d already seen–there are a few shows I’ve been hankering for a rewatch–hardcore. I’d finish my City Hall review. I’d even possibly do mini-reviews of some of the movies I’d seen.

Bwahahaha! The God’s of Kdrama laughed upon me.

Unfortunately, I quickly remembered why I had to take the time off…. I had shit to do. Even more unfortunately, I’ve learned I can’t craft while watching Kdrama. Nope. While watching Kdrama my eyes must be fixed on the screen at all time. Even during a rewatch. It’s not a matter of being sucked in, although yes, Kdrama does have that effect on me. It’s the fact that I don’t speak Korean. Not even a little. WHY CAN I NOT SPEAK KOREAN? WHY!?!

Seriously, it would make my life so much easier.

Anyway, it’s not like I haven’t tried to watch things during the time that I’m not elbow deep in papier mache. Not kidding about the elbows.



At first it was just that I didn’t know what to watch. The sky was the limit. Actually, what was available on the Roku box was the limit, but there were a lot of choices out there. And I couldn’t make up my mind. So this last week I have tried a little of everything.

unstoppable high kickSomething new? I tried Unstoppable High Kick, which is the first show in the High Kick series. It’s short, a comedy, and has a young Jung II Woo. I figured it would be the perfect way to wrap up the day. Hrm. I didn’t care for it. I didn’t hate it, I just grew bored. I think I made it through 8? Eh. I didn’t care for the characters enough to sit through over 100 episodes.color of woman

Then I tried Color of Woman. The show ticked me off so much I actually had to turn it off. It’s the first episode. Or more specifically the heroine. The heroine who’s boyfriend cheats on her with her roommate and then she’s pushed out of her job. She allowed herself to let other people treat her so badly, it actually made me angry. Tell off the roommate! And the boyfriend! At least kick her the hell out of the house. Don’t stand there and listen to their explanations as to why this was really your fault. Ugh. I was watching this one before bed and it made me so angry I had to turn it off. I was supposed to be winding down, not getting all agitated.ghost 3

Ghost was too stressful for a quick watch. I’m sure I’ll see it later (can’t say the same for Color of Woman), however it wasn’t the right match for this already hectic week.

stars falling from the skyRewatch? I tried my old standby rewatch show, Stars Falling From the Sky. I rewatch this all the time. Or I should say, I rewatch the last 5 episodes all the time. But this time? No such luck. I just couldn’t get into it. When I realized I was spending more time studying the mess they made of Kim Ji Hoon’s hairline, it was time for me to try something new.

I think about catching up on Running Man as I’m pretty far behind, but that is a show you HAVE to focus on the subtitles, they move so fast! And the hour and a half run time is daunting. I can’t guarantee I can sit there for that long without thinking about all the other things I should be doing.
So what have I been watching?

A lot of My Fair Bride. Nope, nothing Korean here. An American wedding show, I can have on in the background while I get done what needs to get done. I also hooked up my DVD player and checked out a Chinese movie I got from Netflix. (I finally sent back my disks! I’d tell you how long I had the last one, but then I’d be embarrassed.) The movie was called the Sound of Colors. It wasn’t bad. (Of course it wasn’t very good either.) I think I’m going to try for a mini review this week on it.

I look forward to the day when I can fully Kdrama it up again. I miss watching new shows! I miss Running Man! I miss choosing what to watch next! Oddly, I don’t miss Faith, but that’s a story for another post….

So what are you guys watching out there? Come on, let me live vicariously though you guys!

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