Eh, Matt Bomer

Posted by Stephanie on August 30, 2012


Another conversation between yours truly and my Yoda of social media, Jami. In this episode, Jami extols the allure of Matt Bomer while I try to hold out for some Korean lovely. But who am I to naysay such an obvious fan?

Jami: While it may not be quitting time – it is Bomer time

Stephanie: Eh. As my friend I gift him to you.

Jami: Well, he may not be Korean, but come on… eh? EH???? You ARE in a mood.

Stephanie: He’s got nice collarbones

Jami: He’s Got nice EVERYTHING. Woo and Hoo!

Stephanie: Which is why I should get crazy friend points for letting you have him. I’ll ‘ship someone else.

Jami: He’s probably your biggest fan and you only praise his collarbones. As if giving him to me actually does me any good in actuality

Stephanie: Well, there’s that. Now who’s being a Negative Nellie

Jami: He’s gay. I’m married. Just being practical. All a girl wants is someone to drool over him with.

Matt bomer
Jami: I’m readily convinced this is how Matty B. spends his free time. Now don’t you owe him a soon or two?

Stephanie: I guess he has pretty eyes, too! And perfectly coifed hair.

Jami: That’s a little better. But seriously, what feature isn’t worth praising? If anything, he’s TOO pretty. But I’m not going to let that bother me

Stephanie: I do love me some too pretty

Jami: And clearly Mr. Too Pretty loves your blog. Seriously? No room for hating on Matty B.

Stephanie: No haters here!

Jami: So you officially take back your “eh” then?

Stephanie: Consider it removed.

Psst… don’t tell Jami… I was just teasing about not finding Matt Bomer super hot. Come on–I am a female.

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