Musical Monday: The G-Dragon Edition

Posted by Stephanie on August 27, 2012


one of a kind

As was last week’s Khottie not a surprise, neither is probably my choice for Musical Monday. I’ve had One of a Kind on constant repeat since the I first watched the MV Friday afternoon. And from the millions of views on Youtube in a little more than 24 hours? I’m not the only one.

I love both this song and video. Which is actually a surprise. I saw the teaser on Thursday, and I was really afraid I wasn’t going to like the video. The teaser, with its blinking screen, is just off-putting (to me at least). So when I saw the song was released on Friday, I hesitated and didn’t check it out for a couple of hours.

I shouldn’t have been worried. I should have trusted in GD. The song and video is awesome. The little kids at the beginning were so freaking cute. I loved the bit with the before and after blue-lensed glasses. And when Taeyang appeared at the end?
Yep, now I want to watch this again.

I’m 95% sure Eatyourkimchi will be reviewing this today (unless Junsu is able to hold that slight lead). I’ll be interested in what they have to say about this. The last time I was excited about a video, they did not feel the same way. Interesting.

G-Dragon, One of a Kind

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