Top 5 Grossly Irresponsible Kdrama Parents

Posted by Stephanie on June 29, 2012

Top Five

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So earlier this week we discussed the Kdrama phenomenon Grossly Irresponsible Parents. These are the worst of the worst offenders. These parents just make me angry with their willful ways and endless expectations for their children to clean up their messes. Once again, keep in mind the show’s I’ve seen, I’m sure there are more, possibly worse parents out there, and I’m sure I’ll bump into them at a later date.

Coffee Prince

coffee prince

Seriously, guys how does this show end up on almost all my Top 5 lists? They totally deserve to be here. The Irresponsible Kdrama parent in this show? Go Eun Chan’s mother. At the very beginning of the show she’s revealed to have a shopping habit when she knows the family has very little money, then she loses a diamond ring she borrowed from a friend and Go Eun Chan had to figure out how to pay for it. Those would be one thing until you realize she doesn’t have a job. Go Eun Chan says several times throughout the show that she is the breadwinner of her family. What I didn’t realize until the end, it was because her mother has never had a job. NEVER. Go Eun Chan’s father, the previous breadwinner, died when she was 16. So that means she’s been working since she was 16 to be the sole support of her family. Puts her mothers shopping habit in a whole different light. I don’t think her not having a job is a societal thing as I’ve seen other Kdrama single mothers out there working their butt’s off to support their children.

Boys Over Flowers

Boys over flowers 2

Here’s one where these not one but TWO Irresponsible Kdrama Parents. Like finds like, right? These parents consistently cause trouble, either by gambling, co-signing loans, or just not showing up to work making their daughter, who already works two jobs on top of going to school full time, do both of their jobs. Oh, lets not forget the fact that they will allow anyone to scoop up and take away their daughter–you know–so long as they have money.

Dream High

Dream high

The father in this show makes my blood boil. His business fails and he goes bankrupt, you know, after taking out private loans. He goes into hiding leaving his two daughters to fend for themselves. Now that Dear Old Dad is gone, who’s responsible for repaying his debt? Well the very children he abandoned of course! Hye-mi is forced to give up her dreams as an opera singer and attend Kirin in order to become a popstar and pay back the loan-sharks. It’s only when she’s found a new support system and made a new dream for herself does her father slinks back into the picture to take her away so she won’t have to ‘give up her dream’. Umm… I think you lost the right to act fatherly when you abandoned them.

I Really, Really Like You

I really Really like you

Originally this was just an honorable mention aaaannnnd then I remembered everything that this woman did. Ugh. She made me cranky the entire time she was on the show. Bong Soon’s mother abandons her in a marketplace when she was an infant. Oh, and there’s more. There’s more you say? How can it be worse than abandoning a helpless child? Well then she goes on to have one more biological child and one step-daughter. Constantly borrowing money, they are always having to be on the run away from bad money-lenders. Money-lenders, of course, who go directly to harass the step-daughter for the money. When this woman is reunited with the daughter she abandoned, she uses that connection to move her and her other daughters into the room Bong Soon is renting, to get money from people, basically getting in the way and being a common annoyance. Ugh. I hate this woman. It may be because of her voice. She has this shriek that I couldn’t begin to replicate. But if I did? I”m fairly certain the neighborhood dogs would come running.

Assorted Gems

assorted gems 2

Couldn’t leave the parents of the Goong children out. These two are a prettypair. Where to start? Well, we could begin with the fact that the dad ate the family dog. Need more? Well, then he just brings home his illegitimate child for the family to raise. Oh, then he he ‘borrowed’ his son’s new (very expensive) hanbok and then wrecks the top coat. Mommy isn’t much better. She’s lavish and self-centered. She rents rooms in the house to strange men (one of them a foreigner) because she either owes money or wants to get a boob job. When said back-alley boob-job lands her in the hospital, rather than just get sewn up, she goes forward and gets top of the line implants just expecting her children to pay for it. Almost immediately upon release she goes to a shaman to get a $10,000 exorcism. Which she also expects her children to pay for. These parents get their what-for though. The kids decide they have had enough, band together, and kick them out of the house. Go Goong Kids!

Honorable Mentions

Playful Kiss
Cute yes, however, when you think about it, she did everything but slip her kid a roofie in order to get those two together.

When It’s At Night
Get a job. Stop being a criminal. Enough said.

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