Casting News: City Conquest

Posted by Stephanie on June 28, 2012

Casting News

Would I get more hits on this if I called it Casting News: Kim Hyun Joong’s City Conquest? Probably. But I don’t like to pander.

Looks like we have two bits of casting news for this new drama.

First off, we have what looks like either our B-Guy or bad guy depending on how the plot goes. Who is he? It’s Nam Goong-min who we last saw in Can You Hear My Heart? So excited to see him coming back in something. The information we have (from Hancinema) says he’s playing the role of Cha Ji-ryong who “conflicts between hate and ambition after losing his mother due to his father but is ever so caring in front of the female who reminds him of his mother.”

Yep, with that description it screams B-Guy and Villain. Which he did very well in Can You Hear My Heart?, so we know he can pull it off. Raise your hands if you missed him making his ‘I’m crazy’ face!crazy eyes

Welcome back Bong Ma-ru, welcome back.

For our second bout of City Conquest casting news, we have our leading lady, Jung Yu-mi. At first I wasn’t really interested as I had no idea who she was, however while researching for this post (I know I do research, shocking right?) I realized I had actually seen her in a drama already. She played Coral’s wife in this week’s show up for review, Assorted Gems. In that show I thought she was so freaking cute! Looking further into her filmography she was also in this year’s Rooftop Prince. She wasn’t the first lead, apparently she was the second lead, the character I kept seeing people curse about on twitter, Se-Na. Looks like this may be her first chance at a first lead, however I could be wrong, I don’t research that well.

She plays Lee Dan-bi who (also from Hancinema) “has the occupation of a jewelry designer but is a character who dreams of the simplest truths.” Well, that clears everything up.

City Conquest does not have a broadcast channel yet, however since they have already sold viewing rights to China for a hefty sum, it’s only a matter of time before they find one. Shooting begins later this summer and they aim for a release later this year.

So are we getting more excited for this show? Eh. We’ll see. Its being written by the same person who wrote Lie To Me, which I’m currently struggling to get through for next weeks review. I’m intrigued by Jung Yu-mi and Nam Goong-min, and well, Kim Hyun Joong is very pretty. I hear he’s working very hard on his acting for his latest drama. Which just makes him cuter. Unfortunately though, with all these plus-es, I really don’t like revenge plots.

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