Casting News: Jung Seok-won

Posted by Stephanie on June 25, 2012

Casting News

haeungdae lovers

So with new shows settling into place for later this summer, this week we’ve got casting news coming fast and furious right now. Oooh and in some cases we’ve got stills too.

So this Casting News is funny as it’s all about timing. Our latest KHottie of theWeek Jung Seok-won, who just finished up Rooftop Prince has signed up for a new drama. He’s still not the lead however he looks to be the B-Guy. I choose to believe this is a step in the right direction for him. Also, he’s playing a type of character we haven’t seen him do before. Okay, well to be honest I haven’t seen Ojakkyo Brothers (although I want to) so I could be wrong.


The show we’re talking about is called Haeundae Lovers. (I don’t know why I keep wanting to type Haeundae is for Lovers) It will also star Kim Kang Woo and Jo Yeo-jung—and I have to admit—I don’t know either of those people. Kim Kang Woo plays a detective who loses his memory and thinks he’s a mobster. Jo Yeo-jung plays the love interest who is a mobsters daughter. Jung Seok-won adds the other point to the triangle playing a cold wealthy man who run the family hotel chain. So far it looks like this is show that is not for me. Eh, but we’ll see. I was looking forward to seeing more from Jung Seok-won. I’ll just have too keep my ears open for more information.

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