Valentines Special: Top 5 Favorite Couples

Posted by Stephanie on February 14, 2012

Top Five

Okay, I had a post scheduled for today but I think this might be a little more fun considering today’s holiday.

I was going to hold off on doing some of these top five lists until I had seen more shows, but couldn’t resist. Putting together my list was harder than I expected. I love a lot of couples for many reasons. At the end of almost every series I sigh over every shared look, get weepy over every declaration, and fervently know those two people will be together forever.

So here are my highlights. Please keep in mind the list I was working from if you’re own personal favorites are missing from my list. My guess? This will have to be a list we’ll revisit again.

Seo Yoo Kyung & Choi Hyun Wook


Pasta 3
As this is my favorite show, of course the youngest cook and her ‘chep’ will have to be included. I loved this romance. It was a simple story about two people and the relationship they create with each other. The chemistry and acting were amazing–you could tell with a look or a touch, just how much they cared for each other.

Cha Dong Joo & Bong Woo Ri

Can You Hear My Heartcan you hear my heart 5

Great story, amazing couple. I loved every single scene they were in together. They have amazing banter and incredibly supportive to each other despite all the crazy things going on around them. The scene where he announces to the world he’s deaf while looking at her, getting her support. I cried.

Seo Jae Hee & Cha Bong Sun

Me Too, Flower!me too flower

At first glance I thought the show annoyed me with the get together, break up, rinse and repeat. However. Now I see why they had to do it. And love these two damaged people who are exactly what each other needs. And both of them cry so prettily.

Lee Yeon Jae & Kang Ji Wook

Scent of a WomanScent of a woman

Talk about chemistry! These two smoked up the screen–which you think would be hard for a drama where the woman is dying from cancer. The overall theme of the show is don’t waste your life, enjoy every moment you have. And they certainly do. I dare anyone who sees the tango scene not put these two on a top couple list. I choose to believe a miracle happens and they live a long happy life together.

Baek Seung Jo & Oh Hani

Playful Kissplayful kiss 4

This one has to sit on my list as once again, it was my first–and this couple holds a special place in my heart. Both characters grew and became better people because of their relationship with each other. And they actually get married at the end!

Honorable mentions?

Kim Yoon Hee & Lee Sun Joon

Sungkyunkwan Scandal
Heo Cho Hwi & Kim Bum Sang

When It’s at Night
Geum Jan Di & Gu Jun Pyo

Boys Over Flowers
Happy Valentines Day!

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