Mama’s Got a New Bag

Posted by Stephanie on January 31, 2012


I’m not going to lie. I have a dream. Or a goal. Although dream sounds loftier. It’s not big. My goal is to get regular readers to this blog. Readers who are not friends who are trying to be as supportive as possible while Stephanie goes ‘round the bend. One thing I’ve learned while stumbling into the world of Korean Television is that there is a huge following, a huge group of people like me, who for some reason or another, love these shows. We love the fun of the romantic comedies; keep the tissues stocked for the melodramas, and sit on the edges of our seats for the action and suspense.

We are not alone.

Even the few hits I get now, just beginning, make me cheer and give my day a boost. So far my only comments have been from friends, and that’s okay, it’s enough for me to look at that clicker and see people have actually taken a moment to read what I wrote.

I have lots of fun things planned for the future of this blog. In my Kdrama notebook (besides these shows I’m also a sucker for office supplies), I have over 30 posts already planned (not counting reviews) and more pop up all the time.

In honor of this goal—we have a new look! While I loved the other black and orange one, it wasn’t really reader friendly. As I am just beginning, I’m sure this is just the beginning of other tweaks and adjustments I’ll make. If you have any questions or requests, please let me know.

Anyway! Thanks for those who are reading. Later on today, I will have a Spotlight review for you.

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