Top 5 Favorite Kisses of 2012

Posted by Stephanie on January 3, 2012

Top Five

We had some great kisses here in 2012. We had some stinkers too—but why bring down the room. Here is the list of my Top 5 Favorite Kisses of 2012! What are yours?

King 2Hearts

Refrigerator Kissking2hearts

I loved this kiss. Its one of those kisses where the lead up to the kiss is almost unbearable. They had said good bye, telling themselves there was no reason to be together, but you knew, underneath, they are just kidding themselves. Then when they move their good bye party in front of the refridgerator? The lingering looks and closer and closer… serious squee moment that you don’t get with many Kdrama kisses. Knowing that any moment they were going to be interrupted added a dash of danger to the mix.

Operation Proposal

Way too many flashbacks ago kiss.operation proposal

I had a lot of problems with this show. If you were following along in our Operation: Kdrama chat, you’ll know—it was a LOT of problems. Then there was a kiss, and we were like uh, that’s it? But then… about eight trips to the past later there was another kiss. A smokin’ hot kiss. Possibly one of the hottest kisses of the year. Seung Ho, I didn’t know you had it in you—but now that I do? Rawr!

Queen In-Hyun’s Man

Toe Kissqueen in hyun's man 2

These actors had some pretty great chemistry. I’d hope so considering the fact they actually fell in love on set while filming this drama. The lead up to the kiss is awesome. He’s come forward in time for her after the ripped charm messed with the memories they had of each other. He’s given the what for to her pseudo-boyfriend, and they’ve run off together. Dreamy. Then, rather than be the usual Kdrama guy, he tries to convince her to hang around with him rather than go back home. He’s not looking to watch TV with her. He’s not looking to talk sweet-nothings, he’s looking to actually be with (eyebrow-wiggle) the woman he loves and has crossed time for. You certainly don’t get that in every Kdrama. His kiss to convince her? Well lets just say I’d cave too…

A Gentleman’s Dignity

a gentleman's dignity

Some people vote the kiss underneath the falling cherry blossoms the best kiss in A Gentleman’s Dignity. I have to disagree. I love the kiss when they finally get together, when he’s finally forgiven her for her dumb-ass move with the shoes, and they are finally on the same page and ready for a relationship. Swoon!

King 2Hearts

This kiss of heartbreakking2hearts2

SPOILER! This kiss broke my heart. All show I wondered if the princess and her greatest cheerleader and bodyguard, Eun Shi Kyun were ever going to get together. I thought that would be the best. We’ve got the main couple, so cute in their fierceness, the hero has a lovely bromance with the bodyguard who ends up marrying his sister? What a perfect love square. But then when it happened and they finally get their moment and kiss, with its sweeping tone and georgeos lighting, I was in tears. Actual sobbing was going on. Because we knew at that moment that he, as much as he was trying to fool himself, wasn’t going to come home alive and their love was never meant to be. And my heart broke.

Runner up: The drunken kiss of Marriage Plot—smokin’ hot, and Answer Me 1997 when Yoon Jae talks his way back into Shi Won’s apartment. Come to think of it there was a lot of hot kisses this year!

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