Baek Seung Jo, Take Me Away

Posted by Stephanie on January 1, 2012



Okay, I’m ticked. At who? Well, besides Smile Dong Hae, there’s me. Through my own stupid fault I lost all the work I’d already done on this weeks review for Assorted Gems AND the Musical Monday I was writing. WHY DON’T I SAVE MY WORK? Grr. Arg.

So it’s a banner night here at Casa Crazy For Kdrama. 
And Smile Dong Hae is not going well. Remember when I was all like ‘this is bad, but awesomely good bad?” Well now its just hovering on bad. As in, “Seriously? Come on!” Everyone just needs to take a giant chill pill and get over themselves. Perhaps that’s what happens when you stick around with characters for so long. People you originally felt bad for, now you’re almost hoping somebody slaps them. Slaps them hard. I still love the main couple, but for at least the last 12 or so episodes, they and their cuteness have been put on the back burner for overwrought angst.

Okay, that sounds mean. Maybe I’m just cranky.

Anyway, I’m now 92 episodes in, and everyone is still acting like ass-hats, but I’m going to stick with it, as I can’t just give up now. However, if somebody doesn’t start slapping some people soon, I expect my irritation just to expand.

And what I’m going to do about the three pages of review I lost? Hrm. I’ve decided not to think about it right now. I need my own Baek Seung Jo. I’m sure he’d be able to recover my missing files.

Yeah. That’s why I need him. I’m gonna stick with that story.

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