Giving Thanks

Posted by Stephanie on November 27, 0201


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! On this day of giving thanks, I thought I’d list just a few of the things I’m thankful for.

  • Korea, thanks for churning out more Kdrama than I could ever watch. Challenge? Accepted!


    • B1A4–you are all cuteness and light, and you make my heart happy.

  • Junsu and his love of hip thrusts–you make me happy too–in a completely…different way. Ahem.junsu
  • Cherry Cordial for being my tech guru and partner in Kdrama crime! Long Live the Crazy For Kdrama Podcast!
  • And for contributor Molly in Kdramaland, thanks for being an instant friend. Watching the evolution of your fandom has been a hoot!Crazy Girls
  • New York City, for being full of Kdrama watchers, Korean people, Korean Food, Korean Stores, for showing Korean Movies in your theaters and for, on occasion, luring in Kpop bands.koreatown
  • To Gifs for alway making me want ot watch new dramas, and for making me need to pick up a rewatch–basically–thanks for being an alluring time ruiner and squeee maker.  tumblr_nfngy2gSl21sl7awmo2_r1_400
  • The 19+ couple of Song Jae Rim and Kim Soo Eun. Thanks for all the squeeees!Song jae rim kim soo eun
  • And thanks to Song Jae Rim yourself for being so pretty–and adorkableSong Jae Rim
  • Kpop for being all pop-tastic 96dd73e2af1355665dab92271ea31827
  • For the writer of the MinHyun fanfiction–SQUEEE!minhyun
  • Tacos. Not Korean, but who wouldn’t be thankful for tacos?tacos
  • Internet Memes–you crack me up.thankful
      • And to you guys–thanks so much for reading! !


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