Crazy Rich Asians: A Review

Posted by Stephanie on August 19, 2018


As I mentioned before, I just moved, sort of a jump in feet first sort of situation. (You know, like most of my moves.) So, now where I’m unpacked enough to actually feel human, I’m out on foot wandering my new neighborhood, getting the lay of the land, seeing what there is to see. I’m delighted to tell you, my neighborhood, officially known as the Congress Park neighborhood of Denver, is delightful. On my wanderings, I have found tiny little independent businesses, a Korean BBQ (hello, Dae Gee!), a Thai rolled ice cream place (where I’m seriously considering allowing myself to hit if I get this post done), an independent bookstore, and an independent theater. Why should you care? Well. You’re a reader, so that shows you care a liiiiiiitle, right? But yes, there is a point to my rambling story.

Turns out, SIA Film Center was showing the movie Crazy Rich Asians. So, in the interest of supporting local businesses and, of course, the continued push of Asian culture, I went to see it! Let me tell you, the movie? Is DELIGHTFUL. Read more

Khottie of the Week: 5urprise

Posted by Alix on August 18, 2018

Khottie of the Week/ Music

This post is a great example of where you have a vision and as you work to execute that vision, you get distracted, fall down a YouTube rabbit hole, and suddenly your post has taken on a new vision. I was planning to feature Seo Kang Joon (and don’t worry he will get a future solo post) but then I read that he’d been in a boy group, looked them up on YouTube and here we are.  Read more

Comment Away! Or Comment Back!

Posted by Stephanie on August 16, 2018


Note from on the inside! There are a few of you who have sent us messages the last month or so that you haven’t been able to leave comments on any of the posts. I promise it’s not that we didn’t want to hear from you! Nope, you being banned from comments was a byproduct of our hack-dom. We employed a security company to help us take care of the issue and while we got everything under control, we jacked up all of the security levels, which, unfortunately, meant no comments unless you were already signed into the comment section. Not to jinx ourselves or anything but it’s been almost a month and a half since we’ve been hacked so now we’re bringing it down from code red to code burnt sienna.

Thanks to everyone who checked in, you were super sweet and we love you a lot, not just for trying to comment but for alerting us that you were having issues. We luf you lots!

Feel free to comment at will from now on, and, if you do find yourselves having any issues, please let us know.

Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Sometimes, I’m Late

Posted by SaraG on August 16, 2018


I am an exceptionally punctual person. I’m one of those ‘if you’re not early, you’re late’ kind of nightmares. I apologize to my husband for how often I nag him and to my children for raising them to feel anxious when their father is in control of our schedule. This attitude follows me into how I consume music. It drives a lot of my friends batty because often, when they send me a link to a new MV, I’ll quickly respond with a big fat, “oh yeah, I loved that when I saw it yesterday.” I don’t mean to be a jerk, I just hate missing the boat on something new.

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Adventures in Korean Beauty: Hair Pudding

Posted by Stephanie on August 16, 2018


On one of our recent visits to LA’s Koreatown, where we inevitably found ourselves shopping the two Korean malls, stocking up on Kpop, skin masks, and patbingsu, on a whim, I picked up a package of Hair Pudding. What is Hair Pudding you ask? Here you go:

Hair color. You mix it until it turns into some sort of a pudding, smear it over your head, and hope for the best. We could probably tell you more, but the instructions, turns out, were completely in Korean….soooo we winged it! Figuring it was hair, and what the hell, I gave it a try with the help of the always game, LizC. Now, in case you decide to pick yourself up some hair pudding (or probably more you decide to order it from Amazon), here are some handy step by step instructions so you don’t have to go through what we went through!

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100 Days Of Uhoh

Posted by Stephanie on August 14, 2018


D.O. is almost here! In drama form, that is. Sorry to disappoint otherwise but who are we kidding, when we think D.O. aren’t most of us thinking actor D.O. at this point? I mean, sure, he’s kick ass in EXO, but I think his skills as an actor? Kick assier. This is why I find myself actually looking forward to the upcoming 100 Days My Prince.

Despite the fact that it’s a saeguk and will, with most probability end in tears. Read more

Musical Monday – It’s Not Always About the Hero

Posted by SaraG on August 13, 2018


There have been a lot of comebacks lately for groups that I follow, enjoy, but have not completely bonded with. I have experienced no disappointments, no turn-offs, and nothing entirely unexpected in a bad or good way. I know even my closest gal pals would disagree about an album or two…having completely fallen in love with several tracks on several releases, and it makes me so, so happy to see the first bloom of adoration on their metaphorical cheeks. The songs are beautiful, interesting, evoke emotion, and are worth putting on repeat…they just are MY songs.

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CHottie of the Week – Meteor Garden 2018

Posted by SaraG on August 12, 2018

Khottie of the Week

As Alix indicated as part of her ‘Ikonic’ Musical Monday post, she and I opted to change it up a little. So here I am, covering KHottie for the second time in my almost two years long career at Kchat. Of course we all know that I’m going to probably make it too wordy and I right off the bat I’m breaking the age rule and taking it out of Korea. But as Stephanie says, it’s a THEME post, so that makes the age thing null…and everyone takes it out of Korea every once in a while. I’m just conforming to the norm here.

Somehow, and I blame someone I follow in Instagram, I accidentally started watching Meteor Garden 2018 through Netflix recently, the most recent Chinese remake of the oft re-imagined Japanese Managa, Boys Over Flowers. I thought, hey man, I’m feeling lazy, I can bang out this show in a weekend, it’ll be great! It wasn’t until I reached episode 17 that I realized that they are adding new episodes each week…up to 48. Not at all what I had planned for.

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