Maintain In the Membrane!

Posted by Stephanie on May 19, 2018


And we’re back! Pretty much.

I’m not going to lie, this has been a TRYING week. Hackers trying their best to decimate us, but we would not be taken out like that! We battled, battled, pulled hair, yelled, but, ultimately came out victorious. Cherry and I realized we could not wait to make the move any longer, researched, found a new host, fought with some more hackers, and finally moved the site to a much better, safer, and let’s just say more expensive host! We are thrilled. We’ve tested their customer service, we’ve checked out the information on their plans and did what we hope is all the due diligence needed. This will help us in a couple of ways.

Security. This is a managed host so we, and our content, will officially be behind a firewall! Not only that but when things like this go down again, we won’t be all on our own trying to figure this sh*t out. Seriously. This is where Cherry’s and my entire week went.

Traffic. Remember when the site would randomly shut down? Though our FORMER server wouldn’t tell us this, we were maxing out our server space. (YAY READERS!) While this new company has a cap, we still have a ways to go before we could ever dream of reaching it. So, this means no more random shutdowns and less Stephanie frustrations.

So In Conclusion. We’re currently working on finishing the transfer, making sure everything transferred properly, and then we’ll take the newly live. As you’ve noticed we’ve been down all week while dealing with this and should be back posting either today or tomorrow. If you notice anything hinky going down, stuff in weird places, please let us know, its kind of like a Star Trek transporter, we dissolve in one space and are put back together in another, hoping our elbows are not connected to our knees.

Thanks, guys! We miss you, we hope you miss us, and we’ll be back to you soon.



Musical Monday – Everyday, Every Night

Posted by SaraG on May 14, 2018


I don’t know if it’s that I’ve suddenly discovered a deep and driving need for girl groups or if it’s that girl groups have found a sound that I’m more inclined to adoring, or if I’ve gotten better at finding (or being directed to) girl groups I am destined to love. Whatever it is, I’ve suddenly found myself with a stable of go-to ladies that I’m having a hard time turning off. I’m not mad about it, I’m not complaining, I’m just interested in getting to the root of this new reality.

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Khottie of the Week: Ha Seok Jin

Posted by Alix on May 13, 2018

Khottie of the Week

My sincerest apologies for no Khottie last week. As you have probably read (or heard on the podcast) it’s been a busy couple of weeks with Nerd Herd visits, copious ticket buying and then there is the other stuff that makes up life…like work, non #klife friends and family. With all this going on I felt the need to feature someone I’ve always really liked but never seems to get the attention he deserves (or at least what I think he deserves). Read more

Episode 149: Real Ahjummas of the Hollywood Bowl

Posted by Cherry Cordial on May 11, 2018



Episode 149: Real Ahjummas of the Hollywood Bowl

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Show Notes

We’re back, with special guests LizC and Molly in Kdramaland, to talk about our LA adventures! Essentially, we become a commercial for a cuban bakery, hobnob on the red carpet, meet a listener, travers the wilds of West Hollywood, recreate BTS’s Santa Monica trek, go to the Hollywood Bowl, and learn what it takes to get Stephanie close to flipping a table — all while being schooled by ahjummas, seeing how many times we can listen to Shine, and seeing if it’s possible to eat your way across LA. (Spoiler Alert: It is)

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Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Relationship Defining (Not)

Posted by SaraG on May 10, 2018


It’s funny how certain groups just stick with you with almost no ‘hard’ work. For me, most groups take a fair amount of effort to learn, like formal lessons, night school, a tutor on the weekends, and lots and lots of photos and variety. But I honestly don’t think that the effort it takes really has anything to do with the depth of my appreciation for the group. Seventeen took a bit of practice for me and Pentagon was so hard I almost gave up on them…but now I know them both like the back of my own child’s hand and have created an almost physical bond with them (very dramatic but I stand by it). While other groups, like Big Bang and BAP, came to me organically and while I might sell off retirement stocks to see them, I don’t necessarily feel quite the same visceral connection (that’s also a lie…I feel it with BAP).

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And the Robots Continue Their Kdrama March

Posted by Stephanie on May 8, 2018

Casting News

Huh. I would have thought that by now we would have seen the last of the robot drama trend as haven’t we had three already? Don’t these things come in threes? Or is this the third? Eh, either way, we’ve got another robot kdrama coming our way. This one though? I may just have to watch!  Read more

Musical Monday – Temporary Love

Posted by SaraG on May 7, 2018


There have been a whole host of project groups formed through competition shows cropping up all over the place. While I have a really difficult time watching the actual shows, KpopontheDL keeps me updated on the goings on through our chat groups. Weirdly, or not at all weirdly, I find myself growing attached to certain idols without ever seeing them in this context. I think it’s a combination of knowing them the tiniest bit from their group of origin, future bride’s enthusiasm for everyone, and the tiny clips and gifs I see floating around. I’m full of love and it turns out I’m pretty willing to spread it around regardless of actual first-hand exposure.

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Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Big Night on the Town

Posted by SaraG on May 3, 2018


Living in the middle of the country is fantastic for so many reasons. We don’t get hurricanes, our earthquakes are tiny, and we seldom have to fly more than four hours to get somewhere on the coasts unless there’s a layover. Not bad. However, one super big bummer about it is that most big bands don’t stop here during a tour because there aren’t very many people around and the altitude is super rough on the lungs if you’re not used to it. And woefully, few Korean artists come here. I know of three in the last five years I’ve been down this particular rabbit hole., and they were all very tiny.

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To Love Wok Of Love Or Not To Love Wok Of Love

Posted by Stephanie on May 2, 2018


That is the question I’m currently pondering.

I hadn’t really given this show much thought with the exception of the passing “Oh, Jung Ryeo Won is in it”. This feeling of ‘eh’ was quickly turned on its head by one picture….

Why did it catch my eye? That guy in the middle? That’s Cheetah from Mad Dog! Who, despite the prettiness of the main lead continues to be my favorite character. The idea that he’s in another show, playing a gangster turned sous chef? Well, count me in.

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