Musical Monday – Getting All the Love

Posted by SaraG on August 14, 2017


You want to know who represents the physical embodiment of the ENTIRE package? Like all of the singing, dancing, rapping(ish), hardworking, caring, beautiful, naughty, etc. parts of the package? The one that everyone loves and nobody can deny…even when he’s not your bias (though a little part of you wonders if you were picked by the wrong idol in the group)? To be honest, there are tons of these kinds of entertainers out there, but the one I’m talking about right now is one that I get to see in person next weekend. And no, he’s not my bias (I’m kinda still working on that) in the group, but damn, he really does deserve all of the attention he gets.

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Khotties of the Week: The KCON LA 2017 Edition

Posted by KpopontheDL on August 12, 2017

Khottie of the Week/ Music

KCON is pretty much all any of us here at Kchat Jjigae can talk about right now since we’re all descending on LA next weekend for the big event.  This will be my first time to attend LA (and the last time I was in the city I was 8 years old, which was a loooooong time ago).  I was having a hard time deciding who from the lineup would feature as this week’s Khottie and so I bounced my ideas off SaraG who basically told me not to choose.  Brilliant!  Khotties of KCON it is!

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Posted by Stephanie on August 12, 2017


Calling all Kpop Fans Of A Certain Age!

We, your representatives, the panel of Secret Lives of Kpop Fans Over 30, are out to show that mature Kpop fans know how to do it, how to rule this fandom and we are looking for photographic proof to back up our claims! We’re putting together a slideshow for our panel at KCON of Kpop fans ruling K-Everything! We’re talking Music, Food, travel. Send any contributions to



the Kchat Facebook Page

and hashtag it


And if you’re at Kcon, make sure to come see us!


The Return of The Secret Life of K-Pop Fans Over 30

2:00PM – 3:00PM

Panel 502A (Capacity ~400)
Panelists: Lisa Espinosa, Mama B – K-PopMamas, Stephanie Kurze, Young Ajummah, Zombie Mamma

Moderator: Multifacetedacg


Episode 116: $1 Hugs

Posted by Cherry Cordial on August 11, 2017



Episode 116: $1 Hugs

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Show Notes

Last podcast before KCon! We’re chatting the panels and schedule, possible attendance bribes, and finish up with a bunch of newsy topics! Music, casting news, new dramas, a variety of variety! You can actually hear our frowns turn upside down in this episode.

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Throwback (Musical) Thursday – May Was Awhile Ago

Posted by SaraG on August 10, 2017


I’ve kind of been in a CNBlue mood lately. This in itself is somewhat odd. I really like their stuff, but I think that I like their studio releases more in theory than in actual practice. They are obviously talented and their songs are catchy, but the balance between rock and pop swings a little more toward cute than driving so I haven’t gotten obsessed with any particular track. I’ve been told that I would absolutely love them live. That it’s a whole different side of CNBlue that will have me looking for specific things in their songs and make me a bigger fan. One day, boys, one day.

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Lee Min Ki’s Triumphant Return! …..Hopefully

Posted by Stephanie on August 8, 2017

Casting News

After way, way, way too long (we’re talking 10 years worth of too long) Lee Min Ki is finally coming back to tv! Not kidding, this gives my heart a big shot of wahoo! And, unlike Shut Up Flower Boy Band, where he only stuck around for like 2 episodes (4?) in his newest drama, he’s the lead. The hero. The full-on participant for at least 16 episodes.

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Musical Monday – The Search For Something Pretty

Posted by SaraG on August 7, 2017


I love waking up to a whole list of notifications on my phone with links to videos I haven’t seen yet by artists I love and new groups that my friends think I might be into…It’s one of the bonuses of not living on the East Coast and having West Coast Night Owls in my life…they are up and trolling the day’s releases long before I’m even thinking about crawling out of bed. This past week there were several recommendations of note. It was kind of hard to decide whom I wanted to share with everyone. I considered including more than one video, but at least three of the songs deserved to be put on a pedestal all by themselves. I promise to mention the others at the end so you know what to look for after you’ve watch this sixty or seventy times.  

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Khottie of the Week: Got7’s Mark Tuan

Posted by KpopontheDL on August 5, 2017

Khottie of the Week

We’re just a couple of weeks away from KCON LA!  Woo!  So, I looked to the artist lineup for inspiration for this post.  You know what?  Much to my surprise, I have never covered anyone from Got7.  What the heck is that?  Probably because I couldn’t do BamBam and I was having a sulk about it.

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