It’s Alive! Or actually, It’s Dead Again!

Posted by Stephanie on July 16, 2019


It’s so funny how I’ll hum along looking for K-news that interests me through the internet. How do I pick between this casting news or that new teaser? There’s (usually) lots of interesting stuff out there to choose from. For me? It’s the article or headline that literally makes me go “oooh” out loud. No lie. I get so excited about certain things that I literally make cheering noises. If the news can make me bounce in my seat with a little hand clap? Even better. If I then have to instantly message all of my friends to let them know what I just found out? It’s a full on banner day.

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Musical Monday – Work Until You Make It

Posted by SaraG on July 15, 2019


We are in full-on summer mode. All of the MVs, concept photos, and teasers are either steamy summer nights in clubs or bright colors and palm trees. If I didn’t know better, I’d think that all of Kpop was in LA right now and you couldn’t go more than a foot or two without stepping into someone’s set – sounding both wonderful and terrible. The heat has really settled in on us in Colorado after weeks of lower than usual temperatures and lots of rain (all very welcome both personally and from the wildfire perspective) and so this on slot of summer concepts is actually quite perfect. It’s really set my vacation fantasies into solid idols on beaches territory. 

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KOREAN ADVENTURE DAY FOUR: Stairs, and Meerkats, and police…oh my!

Posted by Stephanie on July 15, 2019


Korea trip, day five! At this point, I can’t believe these travelers have already been in South Korea for almost a week, and I can’t believe we’re also at week five of this series! In this episode, the lingering effects of Steve still direct our day and we hike up, up, up, towards a “cool temple”, catch the others members up on Gamcheon, find the truth of Biff vs. Beef, get the first glimpses of a bad moon on the rise, meet some meerkats, and then check off a significant Kdrama moment. Oh, and have our first run-in with the Korean police. Yep, it’s another jam-packed day! Read more

Khottie of the Week: Lee Min Ho

Posted by Alix on July 14, 2019

Khottie of the Week

I had a totally different plan for this week’s post but as I was walking the dog this morning realized I’ve been hearing Lee Min Ho’s name a lot. Either through recent episodes of the podcast, or SaraG mentioning she was watching Boys Over Flowers with Thing One and having also picked up Legend of the Blue Sea, or me discovering that out of the top 10 most popular shows on MyDramaList I’ve seen all but two and one of those is Heirs, or me realizing that I’ve only ever seen one show with him in it. I have no plans to pick up Heirs anytime soon but I am interested in learning more about him… Read more

Episode 200: 200th Episode CELEBRATION!

Posted by Cherry Cordial on July 12, 2019



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Show Notes

Congrats everyone, we made it to 200 episodes! Which, handily, turns out it comes right around another big anniversary for us here at Kchat Jjigae. We’re celebrating this big milestone with some fun topics. We look back at how dramas have changed between now and when we first started. Stephanie, frankly, DELIGHTS in driving Cherry crazy with a fun game of This vs That, and finally play a twist on our Hero B-Lead Villain. Seriously guys, thanks for listening all these years, we want to backhug you all!

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Throwback (Musical) Thursday – It’s a Little Hot in Here

Posted by SaraG on July 11, 2019


I love variety shows a whole stinking lot. I use them to both learn groups that I want to become more familiar with and to luxuriate in idols that I’m already fully invested in. The problem is, I have limited opportunities for unrestricted viewing. I can’t remember the last time I was able to sit down for a 30 minute stretch of uninterrupted watching – let alone the 1-2 hours most Korean shows eat up. Same goes for all of those web-based shows that introduce you to up and coming groups or take you on vacation with the well-established ones. I’ve been wanting to watch the latest Nu’est, ATEEZ, Oneus, etc. like nobody’s business, but a five to fifteen-minute episode isn’t good for running on the treadmill (which is where I watch most of my shows) and when I have the opportunity to actually sit and watch something, I tend to focus on dramas.  

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He’s Back!

Posted by Stephanie on July 10, 2019


As I’ve been dealing with those dratted computer issues (turns out? When you live in a place where the outside can reach over 100 degrees, one does not leave their computer in the car. Unfortunately, I’ve already learned the very important don’t leave bananas in the hot car lesson) I didn’t properly get to celebrate with the rest of you! T.O.P is back! Or should I say Choi Seung Hyun is back!

And we fans are pleased as punch. Read more

Korean Adventure Day Four: By The Power of Steve!

Posted by Stephanie on July 10, 2019


Once again, big thanks for the comments I got on last week’s post. It was a big day for me, and I’m so glad you came along for the ride!

Moving on! While there is no rest for the wicked, neither is there rest for the active traveler. Day Four of our trip we meet our newest ally, a Korean man named Steve, who leads us on a journey, braving both cold, wind and rain deep into the heart of Gyeongju, the ancient seat of the three kingdoms. 

That’s right, we’re about to go full saeguk on your asses.  Read more

Musical Monday – All the New Things

Posted by SaraG on July 8, 2019


I am…sleepy. I’m writing this on Saturday afternoon with a lovely apricot blonde not far from reach and my house all cool and dark while the rain starts to fall as it has almost every afternoon this summer. As I mentioned last Monday, my parents were in town for two weeks and they left this morning or last night – 2:30am counts as morning, right? Rather than go to bed early and wake up at 2:00 for those last few quiet family moments, my husband and I made the noble decision to stay up all night binging Stranger Things because we are responsible adults. 

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Korea Post!

Posted by Stephanie on July 7, 2019


It’s gonna be late. Not my fault! I have almost 4k in words written, dozens of photos edited and ready to go (it’s a big day in this travellog.) and my computer crashed. I’ve been sitting here all night waiting for the content to back up before I can try bringing it back to factory settings, all night and I’m at 35%. GAH. Wish me luck as this is not really my skillset.

As soon as I’m back in I’ll know if I’ll be able to just upload the post or if I’m going to have to re-edit those pictures again.

Computers man, computers.

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