Throwback (Musical) Thursday – So Many Options

Posted by SaraG on January 18, 2018


It’s the same old story, friend has fallen down the rabbit hole of Kpop to the point of decorating her grown up, professional office with all sorts of tasteful paraphernalia. Friend’s coworker becomes curious about these gorgeous creatures and asks what it’s all about. Friend has to then craft just the right playlist (or two – one for MVs and one for just the music) for coworker to try to suck her into the rich and glorious world that we have all entered. We’ve all talked about it before, and I’ve even done a Throwback (Musical) Thursday about it…how do you pick the right songs? How do you show someone your insides without making yourself too vulnerable? HOW?

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Ahjumma-Ahjusshi Love, FIGHTING!

Posted by Stephanie on January 17, 2018

Casting News

I’d completely forgotten about this upcoming drama! Let me be the first one to say, welcome back Kim Sun Ah! Yes, yes, yes I know she’s been in dramas, but I’m feeling like this is the first time in a while that we’ve seen Kim Sun Ah as we came to know her — the top of the top in her field.

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Ooooh Boooo Diva!

Posted by Stephanie on January 16, 2018


What great timing! Here I am trying to work very hard to commit all of the various members of Seventeen to memory (dude– there are thirteen of them, it’s not as easy as one would think) and of those thirteen there were three that I had fangirl knowledge of before it began…or two and a half. Woozi, S-Coups and allllmost a famous mister known as Boo Seungkwan. Or. If you’re in the inner circle, Boo Diva. Of course, when I was first learning the members I didn’t realize that this was an inner circle given nickname and just assumed he actually went by that. As he should. Let’s get the movement started! And now? It’s his birthday! Read more

Musical Monday – Sharing is Caring

Posted by Alix on January 15, 2018


When you are friends with SaraG and KpopontheDL you get introduced to a lot of music, a LOT of music, like overwhelming amounts of music. To be honest most of the time I do the digital equivalent of a smile and nod and then go back to whatever song or album I’ve been listening to on repeat for days on end (Hellevator anyone). Of course it usually plays out that weeks later I’ll randomly stumble across one of the songs they’d been raving about, think it’s amazing, share it to our chat, only to have one or both of them say “Ummmmm, yeah. We shared that with you like ages ago.” So this Musical Monday is the story (brief story as I’m not as chatty as SaraG) of the song that I found and shared all on my own. Read more


Posted by SaraG on January 13, 2018

Khottie of the Week

If you’ve listened to the podcast this week, you know I’ve started watching the 2017 drama Mad Dog and am loving it. Like really loving it. Sometimes giving the old heart a break from all of the romance is a necessary move in order to keep it intact and this drama is certainly not heavy on the lovey-dovey. But I think what I’m really enjoying about it is the caliber of the acting. Everyone in it is fantastic. Seriously, everyone.

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Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Talking Things Through

Posted by SaraG on January 11, 2018


I’m not sure you would guess this, but one of my graduate degrees is actually in social work. I started off in a clinical program looking at child welfare. After a year of providing assistance to a program for foster children and doing some case management, I learned that without a doubt, I am not equipped for that kind of work. I quickly switched to community social work and tailored the program into what I needed it to be to get me where I wanted to go professionally. Social work was ultimately a stretch for my chosen career,  but something I absolutely love about the program was that we all had to go through therapy in order to graduate. There are a million different reason why this was mandated and why I think it was key to some of my own success, but the root of it all was really making sure that we wouldn’t be foisting our own baggage onto those that we were charged with helping.

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The End Of Dramas

Posted by Stephanie on January 10, 2018


Hold onto your knickers ladies, MBC announced that they are putting a hold on their nighttime dramas! And not for a week or two either, we’re talking for a full month and a half — which tell me if I’m wrong — is like the run time of a whole drama?  Read more

You Had Me At Naked

Posted by Stephanie on January 9, 2018


I can tell you right now, the hunt for a new drama has ended! I was researching some new stuff and came across what can only be preconsidered a gem… The Naked Firefighter.

How did I not know about this drama? A man (the fire fighter in question) wants to help pay for his friends medical expenses by taking a part time job as a nude model for an art class? Come on, who wouldn’t be in? (I’m guessing only those of you out there who also hadn’t heard about this.)

The drama in question is a mini-drama, only 4 episodes long (so super biteable) and stars Lee Joon Hyuk as the naked fire fighter himself. Now, I’ve been a fan (or had starry eyes for) of Lee Joon Hyuk since watching a drama from way, way back called I Am Legend. Did you see that one? In it he played the former star and all around yummy almost hero? Totally swoonable. And that’s when he was fully clothed.

Of course, it is Kdrama, so the whole thing isn’t about him artfully stripping, no, it feels the need to fill the other parts of the episode with some plot about a 10 year old unsolved murder/arson case that, of course, our hero gets tangled up in.

It’s a good thing they talked about the arty stuff first or else I would be out.

I’m not seeing how the two parts really go together one being so warmhearted/funny and the rest of it dark and… you know, the usual get pinned for a crime you didn’t commit then trying to prove your innocence drama. Which is the issue with a lot of these mini dramas, putting so much into such a short time frame that they tend to be a little frenetic.

Anywho, but it’s still only 4 episodes, an easy watch, and appears to be all subbed on on Viki, so I’m going to check it out.

Can I Watch This Now? Pretty Please?

Posted by Stephanie on January 8, 2018


I have nothing more to add to this except to say that this poster just looks so lovely with the couple gazing lovingly at each other, to the color palate, to even the font of the title. I just want to grab this drama in my arms and hold it to my bosom. While Radio Romance had me at the casting of Doo Joon as it’s hero, this poster just sealed the deal. Downside though? Now I need to wait until the end of the month to watch. Which is just a pity.

Now I’m off to sigh at this picture for a little while longer….

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