Musical Monday: FFT

Posted by Alix on April 6, 2020


Because life is nothing but constant change, especially right now, we decided to keep the mixup going (and it was going to be way too hard to pry Stephanie away from Nu’est). In reflecting on last week’s post I realized I don’t need or want to talk about the technicalities of a song but about why I picked the song and what it evokes for me…the feels it gives I guess you could say.  Read more

Khottie of the Week: Song Mino

Posted by Stephanie on April 5, 2020

Khottie of the Week

If you were here for last week’s Khottie, you might be surprised to see that none of the members of Nu’est are this week’s Khottie. In an update, I thought long and hard about how to do Nu’est, (heh) be it Khottie or Kpop School, if I wait for SaraG to do Kpop School or if I try to take the teach reigns, I had a nice talk with SaraG, and have decided, we’re going to wait and have the most EPIC Nu’est Kpop School once she comes out of the other side of this pandemic. It’s going to be our reward. We both love them so much, it’s something that excites both of us, and it didn’t seem right to go it alone. So, look lively everyone, cross your (washed) fingers and hope for a quick end so we can get to this.

But that is them and this is now. Or, this is Song Mino’s post. He was gracious enough to let us bump in for a moment. I actually couldn’t believe he’d never been a Khottie before! He’d shown up a couple of times, most recently in the Tattooed episode. (He has some really nice tattoos.) Read more

Episode 231: Gaze Longingly at The Untamed, Part 1

Posted by Cherry Cordial on April 3, 2020


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Show Notes

In this episode, Cherry Cordial and special guests Leila and Xe dive into the fantasy, costume drama world of The Untamed. We discuss the decades long, drift compatible, (canon gay!) soulmate romance between ancient Chinese cultivators Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji. Communicated solely through longing gazes, unflagging loyalty and trust, shared ethics, and a little melodramatic fainting, this relationship is searingly romantic, without anything so prosaic as kiss scenes. (Who are we kidding, fanfic links in show notes!)

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Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Not The Life of the Party

Posted by Stephanie on April 2, 2020


I’d had to go back into time to see if SaraG had done this song already as, while it’s not super old, I know that Zico is a favorite of both of ours. I was in luck! She’d missed this one. And by missed, I mean, I’m sure something she loved just as equally came out at the same time… unfortunately harsh choices have to be made in the casting of Musical Monday. Its not that we love one song over another, it’s more, what’s hitting us that day? Who’s been on recently? And what new or less popular group deserves attention just a little bit more than someone bigger. We all know how much Kchat loves an underdog.

Of course, Zico is no underdog. Read more

Mystical Pop Up Bar? Count Me In!

Posted by Stephanie on March 31, 2020


I’d heard a few mumbles about this new show a while back, but, as I’m not the hugest fan of Hwang Jung Eum’s acting style, I kind of brushed past it. Meh, not for me, I thought. Looking after doing some research and watching a teaser? I think I might have been too hasty!

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Musical Monday: Always On Repeat

Posted by Alix on March 30, 2020


After SaraG snuck in on Saturday and Stephanie spent all day Sunday lovingly staring at photos of Nu’uest, it only seemed right to continue the mixup and thus here I am with Musical Monday. Like any good drama heroine, I will apologize in advance for a post that will be sadly lacking but hopefully, in the end, you will be left with a good song. Read more

Khottie of the Week (Kinda): NU’EST

Posted by Stephanie on March 30, 2020

Khottie of the Week

When Alix suggested we do a swap, Khottie for Musical Monday, I was in. When she mentioned in the life of Khottie none of the members of Nu’est had never been featured, I was super in. And then my entire day was sunk researching pictures of the boys together, alone, and all giffed out. Hundreds and hundreds of pictures. Seriously, I was at it for the entire length of the Netflix documentary series, Tiger King. (Geeezz!) The entire time I’m wondering how I was going to take this. I’m not entirely certain you’re aware of my new love of Nu’est. I find them lovely and snuggly, all warm and cozy, exactly what I want to burrow into right now. But because I love them so much, I don’t want to waste this opportunity. SaraG and I had discussed doing them as Kpop School, however, much like regular school, Kpop school is going to have to be postponed until after the crisis, when SaraG has more time on her plate. Alix suggested I try to teach her Nu’est and, while her offer is delightful and would make me very happy truth of the matter is, while I know a lot about them, I’m concerned I don’t know enough to do them the justice they deserve.

I literally love them so much I want to do a really good job with this. Read more

Sneak In Saturday – Fueled by the Little Things

Posted by SaraG on March 28, 2020


I am, despite evidence to the contrary, still alive. I am eternally grateful that Stephanie has stepped in with nary a complaint to drop some musical posts on the site and I will continue to lean on her endless support for the foreseeable. I am a creature of guilt, so even though it’s her blog and even though she is in no way pressuring me to write anything and has never been vocal about our friendship only being fulfilling if I provide her content, I still feel bad that I haven’t written anything in weeks. But then again, maybe this sudden glut of Thai BL pop is what everyone was wanting and I should bow out gracefully…I don’t check the numbers, how the heck would I know.

Maybe I should check then numbers. 

I don’t even know how to check any numbers.

What do the numbers mean anyway?  Read more

Throwback (Musical) Thursday: Welcome Back, Jooheon

Posted by Stephanie on March 26, 2020


It seems so funny that earlier this year, just like a month ago one of my biggest concerns was the influx of Kpop concerts in the states. It seemed as though everyone was coming. Even here in Denver, on tap was Vanner, CIX, M.O.N.T, Monsta X and Ravi. That was just Denver! I had to make some serious judgement calls. I didn’t get Seventeen tickets because I knew ATEEZ was going to happen. I had to miss BewhY because it was the same week that Vanner was here in Denver. This was by no means all of them and all this was just scheduled for the first half of the year. How could we keep up with them? Did they even realize that for US Kpop fans, this meant flights and hotel stays and planning? With the huge rush of concerts could we even sustain that amount of tickets to be sold? Would these bands leave disappointed because there were just so many of them now that we wouldn’t be able to fill the areas we once did?

Yeah, those worries seem a little silly now.

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