Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Before There was IKON There was ICON

Posted by SaraG on June 21, 2018


I admit, early on in my drama watching, I actually sat through the entirety of Full House Take 2. And I enjoyed it. It wasn’t that it was good, it wasn’t.  but it was so delightfully cheesy and over the top that is was, at the moment, exactly what I needed. Plus, it was before I learned the wonders of dropping shows. I am grateful that I caught it as early as I did because it gave me a lot of context in the landscape of Kdrama as well as serving to introduce me to the brilliance of Park Ki Woong, whom I’d later adore in Secretly Greatly and Hwang Jung Eum who was in pretty much everything for a while.

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Penta School: Shinwon

Posted by Stephanie on June 20, 2018

KPop School

**Sorry we were late for class! Yesterday we had a quiz on timezones and failed miserably. So, two classes for you today!

SaraG: Next up is Shinwon.

Stephanie: Brownhair: Shinwon. Read more

Penta School: Hongseok

Posted by Stephanie on June 18, 2018

KPop School

SaraG: Ok, Hongseok…it’s gonna be slow tonight as I’m a bit tipsy and also playing a game on my husband’s VR. BUUUT, Hongseok is 24 and the most physically fit Penta member.

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Musical Monday – In Japan

Posted by SaraG on June 18, 2018


There are a million different love songs across pretty much every genre of music from every country in the world. That’s a lot of love songs. So many of them are pretty and touching, but not really that touching. I’m sure a good percentage meant a lot to the person or people that put pen to paper and crafted all of the little nuances, but they don’t all speak to me. I guess that’s one of the things that makes music so interesting, while one person connects with a song wholeheartedly, another might not feel a thing when it pops on the radio.

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Khottie of the Week: Shin Min Ah

Posted by Alix on June 17, 2018

Khottie of the Week

After featuring Kim Woo Bin last week it didn’t seem right to not highlight his own noona romance with one of my favorite Korean actresses. I first saw Shin Min Ah in Oh My Venus and it still ranks as one of my favorite dramas. I’m not big on rewatching kdramas and there has been a number of times I’ve been tempted to go back and rewatch it. If you’ve been hesitating, stop and go watch it (Stephanie, again I’m looking at you).

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Penta School – Kino

Posted by Stephanie on June 17, 2018

KPop School

SaraG: Kino 

SaraG: He is firmly a brown hair….It took a bit for him to stick with me for some reason, but once we connected I was very confused as to why it took awhile…..sad Read more

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