Musical Monday – Giving Things a Chance

Posted by SaraG on March 19, 2018


This was one of those weeks reminiscent of earlier this year when I could barely keep up with all of the stuff I loved on first listen, let alone everything that was released. And there are more weeks like that to come in the next couple of months. I have a full docket of debuts, comebacks, and concerts lined up from this week until August. My husband has put me on UB restriction for any further concert tickets…meaning I can only buy tickets to see bands that appear on a predetermined ultimate bias list for the rest of the year (not counting what I’ve already purchased).

Do you have any idea how difficult it is to pick UB bands? I can’t even pick a UB. Not really.

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Khottie of the Week: Choi Woo Shik

Posted by Alix on March 18, 2018

Khottie of the Week

Maybe it’s the feelings of spring but this past week I decided to get all my Khottie notes organized, populate the Khottie calendar and make an attempt to get ahead of the weekly post. And yes, there really is a Khottie calendar so we can track who turns 24 when…serious business here at Kchat Jjigae. When I had first started writing Khottie I had thrown together a list of possible ideas, turns out I hadn’t reviewed that list since I wrote it months ago…and there were some good ideas. Read more

N.Flying Into A Drama

Posted by Stephanie on March 16, 2018

Casting News

Thanks to friend of the site and even closer friend to the Denver faction fo the Kpop Nerd Herd, LizC, lately I have had N.Flying on the brain. While I don’t really listen to their music (though I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before I do, being Kpop suggestionable is kind of my thing), I still find these guys super adorable! The whole making their own ‘lightsticks’ out of potatoes? Come on, how can that not make you want to keep them on your radar? Anyway, now we have one of them signing up for a web drama!  Read more

Throwback (Musical) Thursday – KIndie? Why, Yes, I Think I Will.

Posted by SaraG on March 15, 2018


I fully recognize that indie isn’t synonymous with depressing. Not even Kindie. But there is definitely something to be said for an artist that consistently puts out moody, borderline depressing songs and videos that just raise the goosebumps on your skin and make you wish it was raining outside. I am not often in the mood for truly maudlin tunes, but there is something about MoonMoon’s compositions and voice that suck me in and hold me fairly captivated.

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You Finally Did It, Are You Happy YouTube Red?

Posted by Stephanie on March 14, 2018

General/ Music

Let me tell you, I watch a lot of Youtube. I mean, like a lot. If you were to look at my youtube history, you’d say “Damn Girl, get a life!” Or at least one that does not involve People’s Court, Dateline, The Phillip DeFranco Show, and clips from John Oliver. Being one who watches excessive amounts of YouaTube, I always see the ads for YouTube Red, or more commonly, accidentally hit on the tab for it. “Would you like to sign up for YouTube Red?” No, I would not like to sign up for YouTube Red. Who wants to pay for freaking YouTube? It’s YouTube. But the people behind YouTube were cunning. They could see (probably from that YouTube history) my weakness and decided to prey upon it.

BTS Burn The Stage. Available only on YouTube Red.

Damn It.

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Reunited And It Feels So Good

Posted by Stephanie on March 13, 2018

Casting News

I certainly didn’t see this coming! Hwang Jung Eum has confirmed that she’s officially signing onto upcoming drama, Hoon Nam Jung Eum starring against Namgoong Min. You wonder why this is so interesting? Well, if you’re not sure of the answer for this one, someone needs to catch up on their older dramas—they played heroine/b-lead in Can You Hear My Heart!  Read more

Musical Monday – I Should Learn the Days of the Week

Posted by SaraG on March 12, 2018


I have decided that if and when I am forced into a soul-searching road trip, probably being chased by the law, I want to be with the members of MAMAOO. I want them to hold me when I cry and push me into doing adventurous things that I wouldn’t otherwise consider. I mean, we all know that I’d probably be driving them around and forcing them to do stuff they wouldn’t normally be allowed to do, but I have a rich imagination and this is what it’s settled on at the moment.

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Khottie of the Week: Lee Seung Hoon

Posted by Alix on March 11, 2018

Khottie of the Week/ Music

I saw my first robin while walking the dog yesterday which has always been one of the signs that spring is on the way (we’re going to ignore that Lucy tried hard to chase the robin…she must still want winter). While the comebacks never stop in the world of Kpop to me there is something slightly more special about a comeback in the spring months…and thankfully there are lots to be had. Today’s khottie is a suggestion from SaraG and Winner just put out their first comeback teaser…perfect timing if you ask me. Read more

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